How to Use Quickbook For Enterprise

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How to Use Quickbook – Quickbook Online itself is the software for accountants that is commonly used to make accounting reports. Software that comes from California, America, this is the output of Intuit from 1983.

Quickbook itself is similar to Accurate, Zahir, MYOB, and also others. However, Quickbook or commonly abbreviated as QBO is not popular in Indonesia. In fact, how to use Quickbook itself is very easy and not complicated.


How to Use Quickbook With regards to Sales Features.

In Quickbook itself has several features that can be used in it. These features are usually explained on the home page of their website. So you will be offered a number of prices according to the features offered.

However, this time, we will explain how to use Quickbook related to selling your company. For example, how to create customer data, and also how to create sales orders by using Quickbook.

1. How to use Quickbook to create customer data

– Enter the Customer menu on the side view of the screen
– Select New Customer in the upper right side. For this menu, if you already have customer data created with Ms. Excel, you can click the down arrow and select Import Customer.
– Then a form will appear in the form of fields related to customer data, such as customer name, customer email, company name, and so on. It is better to fill it completely in order to make it easier for the office database. There are menu options below it besides Address, namely Notes, Tax Indo, and also Payment and Billing. On the Payment and Billing menu is data related to the customer’s payment method and also when the due date.

2. How to use Quickbook to create a sales order

– Select the Customer menu on the taskbar at the top of the screen
– Then a display menu will appear and click Create Sales Order
– After that, enter the Sales Order menu, select which customer data you want to place an order in your company.
– Keep in mind, in Quickbook itself, the product and service data that you offer must first be stored in your Quickbook account data.
– In the Sales Order menu below, tables will appear that you can fill in with the products and services ordered by customers according to what you offer. You only need to click on the product and service data that you have saved in the series of tables.
– After the order from the customer has been completed, then you just click Save & Close if the sales order data to be input is complete. However, if you still want to input other orders, please click Save & New.
– If you want to see data from sales orders that have been created or are in process, then you can click the Customer menu again, then click Sales Order Fullfilment Worksheet. In this data, you can also update regarding the latest process of the sales order.

In addition to the features above that have been described, there are still many ways to use Quickbook for you to use in your company data.

Difference between Quickbook Online and Quickbook Desktop

Quickbook itself actually offers in two versions, namely the online Quickbook and also the desktop version. Both versions make the work of accountants easier, with the features offered. It’s just that there are advantages and disadvantages of each version.

You only need to pay once to be able to use the desktop version of Quickbook, and the software will be embedded on your computer, but unfortunately the software is only accessible on computers where the software is installed.

For Quickbook online, you can work anywhere using any computer, because it is online and user data is stored in the cloud system. It’s just that, for those who are online, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee.


Quickbook is actually a very user friendly software. How to use Quickbook itself is very easy, but it still requires carefulness. But unfortunately, this software is even less popular in Indonesia.