How to Use Skype Easily, User Guide 2021

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How to Use Skype Easily. Do you how to use skype? Do you know what can be done using skype? some people may be unfamiliar with skype.

But for those who are still new, it seems that they need to know that with Skype you can chat, telephone, and video call. All of these activities can be used with minimal costs, easy, and practical.

Here’s how to use skype:


  1. Open the skype application from your device
  2. Login with the skype account that you already have by writing the skype name and password in the column provided.
  3. Your activity by searching for the contact you want to call. If you already have his contact, he will be listed on the contact list in your skype account. However, if you don’t have the contact, you can search for the contact you want by writing the username in the column provided. If the name you want doesn’t appear, then click the search everyone button on skype and the engine will find it for you. Once found, you will be given the option to save it. If you choose to save the contact then you don’t need to do a search when you want to contact him again.
  4. When you have selected the contact you want to contact, your laptop screen will display a window with two sections. Where on the left side of the contact list and some icons, while the right side will display a room for chatting and video call buttons and phone calls.
  5. If you want to chat, then write a message at the bottom right of your skype display and then click the send button.
  6. If you want to make a phone call, you just need to click the phone call button. Likewise if you want to make a video call. You just need to click the video call button.


You need to remember that how to use skype above can only be used if you have installed the application on your device and created your account. If you haven’t installed it yet, then you can download it on the play store. After the application is installed, you can open it. But you can’t start practicing how to use Skype because you have to create an account first.

As for creating an account, you can actually use the Microsoft account that you have created to sign in. However, if you don’t have it, you can use your cellphone or email and then create a password. After going through these steps you will be asked to write your first and last name. After clicking next you will be asked to type in the lever code that was sent to the previous cellphone or email number.

After typing the lever code you will also be asked to write a captcha. captcha as provided and complete all the next steps to fill in personal data correctly. After all the processes you have gone through, you can start using Skype as described.

Skype application should not be confused, because its working principle is similar to other social media applications. It’s just that, on Skype you can easily search for people who are not in your contacts.

Meanwhile, on other social media accounts, the steps are slightly different. If the explanation above is sufficient, it can be said that how to use Skype is quite easy. In addition, the buttons provided are also quite simple so as not to make users confused.