Ideas and Examples of Natural Stone Minimalist Fish Pond Designs

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Home as a place to rest for all family members, should be a place that is comfortable, cool and can relieve stress while relaxing and relaxing. Therefore, many things have been done so that this residence can become a favorite place for families, one of which is by making natural stone fish ponds.

The placement of this natural stone fish pond can be a beautiful exterior of the house but can also be placed inside the house as an interior. Provided that with the right and fitting placement, a beautiful view will be created, at the same time it can be an antidote to stress after working all day.

The appearance of a natural stone fish pond can certainly present a refreshing view, moreover, it is supported by the layout of natural stones that form a work of art, which can add aesthetics to the room or to the exterior where the pond is located. The arrangement of natural stones makes the scenery feel more natural and feels like returning to nature.

The natural stone that is often used for making fish ponds can be chosen from various types of rocks. You can choose, for example, from river stone, slab stone, mountain stone or temple stone. Everything can be used and adjusted to the design theme and concept you want to display.


Example of a Minimalist Natural Stone Fish Pond

Alright, to shorten the time and discussion, just below are presented examples of various design concepts from natural stone minimalist fish ponds that can be used as ideas for making them.

1. Multilevel Natural Stone Fish Pond Photo: Elenathewise / Adobe Stock

This model is made by arranging natural stone into two levels, so that there is an effect of flowing water and its gurgling sound that adds to the thick natural atmosphere that is created. The upper part is made in a smaller shape, with a model similar to the atmosphere in the upper reaches of the river, while the lower part is the larger part of the main pond where ornamental fish can be placed. Besides that, you can also add a waterfall to make it look even more beautiful. This type of pool is suitable to be applied to homes that have a limited area or space.

2. Combination of Natural Stone with Bamboo

The combination of these two materials is the most suitable for displaying a refreshing natural atmosphere. This is because both natural stone and bamboo are very thick materials with natural nuances like returning to nature. The atmosphere in the countryside or being in a forest with natural water sources can be displayed by combining these two natural elements. Placement of bamboo can be done on the sides of the pond combined with ornamental plants, while piles of natural stones can be arranged in the corners of the pond. Bamboo can also be added as a natural hose decoration that can shoot water into the pond so that the view becomes more aesthetic.

3. The combination of black and white natural stones

There are many types of natural stones and can also be chosen from a variety of colors. For this type of pool, you can combine two colors, black and white and arrange it into an impressive decorative motif. The two layers of color are arranged in contrast, you can choose white stones at the bottom first and then combine them with black stones at the top, or you can reverse the arrangement so as to produce an aesthetically pleasing contrast. The installation for this black and white natural stone fish pond is also very simple, it doesn’t need to require complicated effort.

4. Natural Stone Fish Pond with Wooden Bridge

Adding decorations by adding wooden elements is also a suitable choice and produces a natural view, one idea is to add a wooden bridge across the pond, it will make the appearance more stunning and seem traditional and aesthetic. The size of the wooden bridge can be adjusted according to the size from existing natural stone fish ponds so they can look harmonious.