Indonesia Crane Rental Company

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Indonesia Crane Rental is a solution for infrastructure development or procurement activities at any location in Indonesia. Various types of cranes are available for rent for work that requires heavy equipment including mobile cranes, forklifts, truck cranes, tower cranes and many other types. We participate in support to help you in various work on infrastructure development projects, buildings, warehouses, hotels, skyscrapers, civil construction or whatever work project you are doing.

Crane rental services are very helpful in carrying out project work, Various types are provided for various purposes, from small capacities of 3 tons to large capacities of up to 180 tons. Very helpful for construction projects, factories or other purposes. Many brands can be chosen from Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota, Nissan forklifts all with their respective advantages.


Heavy equipment rental and service companies are there to meet every need. As is known, Indonesia is in the development stage of development, everywhere there is a lot of incessant infrastructure development. This of course requires support from all elements, including the need for heavy equipment. Indonesia Crane Rental is a solution to launch all development activities wherever they are located in Indonesia.

Indonesia Car Rental with Well Maintained Equipment and Years of Experience

Indonesia Crane Rental with wholehearted service, working professionally from the beginning of the process to the delivery of tools and until all projects are successfully carried out. Many variations, types, types are provided as needed, and of course all are in well-maintained condition and can operate optimally. Competitive rental rates for daily, monthly and yearly rentals. Indonesia Crane Rental is a specialist in its field, trusted since the first, serving all the needs for heavy equipment.

Jobs in the construction sector are still very open, both in Java and outside Java. There are still many projects that need attention to be worked on and completed. This is certainly in accordance with the government’s commitment to further intensify infrastructure development in various locations. With the achievement of the development targets of these projects, the impact is also very positive for the economy in Indonesia. Experience will prove how Indonesia Crane Rental is always capable of leading support for various related needs.