Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and Wholesale Suppliers

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Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer, wholesale exporters, direct suppliers from own factory and company based at Jepara, Central Java province. We provide total solutions of commercial furnishing, indoor and outdoor Indonesian made of various kind of wood, such as teak, mahogany, acacia, rattan and many other resources. Manufacturer and factory in Indonesia specialize in wood, mixed materials and upholstered products, all made with the highest standards which providing a globalized service, supply beautifully made from teak and other options with great comfort withstand in all weather.
Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer, Wholesale Exporters and Direct Suppliers from Jepara, Central Java
Indonesian furniture wholesale also offering custom made orders from buyers, strive to accomplish and understanding what your requisition needs and become trusted Indonesia based manufacturer and distributor. We as a sourcing agent in Indonesia also available to deliver you best resources of quality Indonesia furniture, and ready to handle shipping to export in many countries overseas. We also have large database trusted manufacturer ready for wholesale in Various High Quality Indonesian Products from Global Indonesian Suppliers and factory offering comprehensive manufacturing and established.

Indonesia Furniture 2020 Collections

Indonesia Furniture 2020, all collections available for indoor and outdoor, furniture manufcturers with experienced in wholesale exports worldwide.

Please find our collections:

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    Teak Furniture

    from Indonesia originates from old Javanese Grade A Teak Garden and teak indoor collections provide high quality along with superior qualities of teak direct from the Island of Java.

  • Rattan Furniture

    in stunning designs sets of choice from large collection is weather proof and affordable, style with weather-resistance for your garden and patio. Enjoy the beauty of Rattan Furniture, get inspired to bring a very personal decision, durable and stylish with no maintenance for all sets available.

  • Mahogany Furniture

    the most opulent pieces for your home is constructed of solid construction tables, sideboards, chairs, chests the finest quality as a symbol of classic beauty, inimitable quality, resilient.

  • Acacia Furniture

    exteriors and interiors is made of acacia that create sculptural contours. It is all natural and wonderful blend and multi color acacia wood makes it ideal for any indoor and garden decoration.

  • Rosewood Furniture,

    operates both as a manufacturing facility as well as international trade offer made from the highest-quality woods, stained, varnished and assembled to provide solid handmade.

  • Leather furniture

    expresses the comfort of high quality leather, especially for the use of sofa and other interior spaces, making the living room a luxurious and cozy place for rest and relaxation.

  • Stainless Steel Furniture

    displays product strength, durable, anti-rust, appears in a variety of minimalist designs, modern, as well as a combination with other materials such as teak wood, resulting in the beauty of a variety of designs.

  • Rope furniture

    is the latest phenomenon among suppliers, and is becoming popular because it is widely ordered to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor furniture. The material is strong but flexible, does not need to require maintenance, is also resistant in all weather.

  • Bamboo Furniture

    is rich in various types of designs because it can be formed very flexible, automatically it can also form a variety of styles and uses, easy to clean, easy to care for and eco-friendly green. In addition, the specific gravity is lighter than wooden furniture so that it can make it flexible furniture.

  • Seagrass furniture

    is resistant to moisture and lightweight, easily moved in accordance with the layout and needs of the room. Mostly used for the benefit of exteriors, the nature of the material is friendly to nature, does not cause allergies and many other benefits.

  • Iron Furniture

    made of iron, a material with strong legs supporting the entire construction. It has a rich design motif, and follows the development of the era, perfect for the use of outdoor furniture because it is durable and durable. In addition, it can also be combined with other materials to further enhance your appearance, such as Indonesian iron wood furniture. Iron furniture is one of the steady choices for furniture that requires strength with a unique, vintage design, does not require special maintenance and is resistant to various kinds of weather. One of the simplest collection of choices and does not require complexity and practical.

  • Aluminum furniture

    a practical choice, is flexible because it can be moved anywhere easily and lightly, it can be placed indoors or outdoors. Materials with modern style aesthetics, can also be combined with other materials for various interior and exterior purposes.

  • Rope Furniture

    Rope furniture is the latest collection from us, is becoming a trend, produced in modern ways with various styles and sizes. Suitable for outdoor use with durable materials, making it more durable than other materials. Products from this rope material are also lighter so that they are easy to move to various places, so that you get more alternative views when using this material.

Indonesian Teak Garden export quality products to many continents and countries around the world providing teak collections for indoor and outdoor furnishing, produce wide range of options, all bring comfortable and luxurious High Quality Wood, fully integrated manufacturing and fast becoming one of leader in Indonesia furniture industries. A wholesale product Manufacturer & Supplier with productive workplace currently focused in international market. We have achieved and has been manufacturing teak wood with full of experiences.

Jepara Indonesia Furniture have further expanded manufacturing with an export quality of Dining Set, Bedroom Set and Teak Garden Furniture products. Also available leather sofa and modern style that is principally engaged for export market, affordable cafe, restaurants, spa apartments and hotel furniture solutions. Wooden furniture suppliers selects all outstanding resources, export to many countries such as UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Middle East, Japan and also many island such as Maldives Island, Bali Island, and other island.

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