Indonesia Glass Bottle Manufacturers with Standardization

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Indonesian glass bottle manufacturers are available in a variety of specifications, used for packaging purposes in logistics or consumer use. Bottles and jars with high quality prints and results, beautiful and attractive appearance for various purposes. Glass bottles for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes, have a high aesthetic value that adds value to the overall final product. Glass bottles for food and beverages in general meet the basic needs of solid storage, still require high quality containers to keep the stored images safe and hygienic.

The Indonesian glass bottle factory provides all the needs for glass bottles, the leading manufacturer in Indonesia that provides and supplies domestic needs as well as exports abroad to meet the existing demand. In addition to producing predetermined shapes and sizes, it also accepts special custom orders according to consumer needs. With experience as a trusted company, always providing commitment and realization according to the best production standards for all order orders.

Indonesian Glass Bottle has met various standardization tests for work specifications according to quality standards

One of the superior products is the custom made glass bottle, where packaging needs often require a specific shape and size including an art design that makes it exclusive and has its own characteristics. Production at full capacity, so it can also serve export orders to various countries such as America, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey or countries in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia glass bottle manufacturer has also undergone a series of production standardization checks, audits and verification to prove that the entire glass bottle manufacturing process meets social, health and safety principles as well as all aspects of the manufacturing process in all working conditions. This certification is important because it guarantees trust and reliability for companies to always be the main choice in the glass bottle industry in Indonesia. All in one solution in glass bottle suppliers from design, material to production results with maintained quality and modern designs keeping up with the times.