Indonesia Gypsum Board Manufacturer International Standard

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Indonesia Gypsum Board Manufacturer makes all of its production according to international standards according to ASTM certification. Standardization for building materials is fully enforced so that it always meets the established quality standards. These strict criteria are always applied to meet specifications for water resistance and strength of the gypsum board material. The manufacture of gypsum board is done from crushed natural gypsum material, then through a mixing process with water and additives, into a kind of slurry and finally formed according to the existing size.

Indonesia Gypsum Board Manufacturer, this product is widely used as ceiling material for roofs, house walls. Many advantages and advantages can be obtained by using this material as the core material of the house, including the material is light and flexible, but still strong and easy to shape according to the architectural plan. This material is very resistant to the threat of fire hazards, this is because this material is not flammable, so it is safer to use.



Indonesian Gypsum Board has passed certification tests from several international certification bodies

Another advantage of Indonesia Gypsum Board is that this material is relatively safe for health and for the environment, has the least radiation levels compared to other interiors at home. Does not contain asbestos or other chemical compounds that can usually trigger cancer. The use of gypsum board material also saves a lot of energy, for example for using air conditioning, it can adjust in such a way that the room cools down quickly, so that it can automatically save energy.

Gypsum Board material is safer when an earthquake occurs, it lasts longer to withstand shocks so as to minimize the risk in the event of an earthquake. Another advantage, gypsum board provides a tidier finishing effect compared to other board materials. The joint results are smoother, so the display becomes smoother and more beautiful. Finish with paint or without paint looks neater so that the overall result looks nicer.

The commercial production of Indonesian Gypsum Board is able to meet domestic needs, and is also a mainstay product for international exports. Selected construction materials, with various advantages, make it in great demand. Technically, this product is able to compete in the international market, especially it meets the standards set by international certification bodies.