Indonesia Kaftan Dress Wholesale Suppliers

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Indonesia Kaftan Dress Wholesale Supplier is able to deliver large quantities of orders to various export destination countries – Kaftan symbolizes the elegance of Moroccan women. This tunic (and now a hot summer 2020 dress) is haute couture and worn with wide sleeves, hand embroidery, and ankle length. Now, fashion companies such as Balmain, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel Balenciaga or H&M include them in their collections with different styles. There are Roman cut caftans with jewel sleeves, as well as other more refined (and classic) designs, where a knit-like texture stands out.

Meanwhile, other designers like Lebanese Elie Saab are betting on rhinestones, transparencies and a sensual neckline paired with a straw bag, Roman-style or crossed sandals, followed by loose hair and willingly impose their own rules of the game. A position to grab in the summer, as this season allows everything, here are some new ways to combine the kaftan and more than one reason to love it.



What is a Kaftan?
A kaftan is a piece of cotton or silk buttoned at the front, with batwing sleeves, which reaches to the ankles and is worn with a sash made of the same cloth as a ribbon. This sweeping dress for summer 2020 is characterized by having a ‘V’ round or high neck, with a colorful print or in colors like turquoise, purple, orange or rosewood. There are also those with horizontal, vertical or smooth lines.

What is the Evolution of the Kaftan?
The origins of the caftan stretch from ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey). A symbol of elegance, the kaftan was dressed by both men and women, the latter made it in silver thread, embroidered by hand with bows and velvet until 1600, when it was also adopted in Russia by the upper class. In the 1920s, caftans conquered North America and in the 1950s Christian Dior introduced the first modern caftan designs.

During those years, Frida Kahlo took this piece as her own, while Yves Saint Laurent enacted it a decade later as a dress to be worn day and night. This is how Hollywood movie stars such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Catherine Deneuve wear sophisticated caftans on red carpets and events.

Now, Kaftan is taking over catwalks and street style in countless proposals with textures, finishes and colors, for all tastes and the season we love: summer.