Indonesia Lobster Supplier Premium Quality

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Indonesia Lobster Supplier has a lot of variety in various sizes and all of them are maintained in quality. Lobster itself is a premium product, has a high price and is an exclusive food menu at prestigious restaurants. Cultivation of lobsters also requires intensive care, in order to produce a successful harvest of high quality. The packaging for shipping is also paid close attention to so that the lobsters stay fresh until they reach the place of purchase.

Lobster has many types, some of the most popular are Spiny Lobster or Maine Lobster. Both are also cultivated in Indonesia, through a hatchery process to mature lobsters ready for harvest. Seafood restaurants especially, really need this lobster, because if there is a menu of this dish in the restaurant, then the restaurant will be prestigious and have its own prestige.


The following describes how to choose lobsters that are good for purchase or consumption. The first is that they must be fresh, in the sense that the smell can be detected, that it is still fresh, the smell of the sea or water. Apart from that, one must choose one that is intact, whether its shell, eyes, or legs or claws. For the shells, those that do not change color are selected. Claws and eyes if reduced then most likely have been stored for a long time. If it is alive, then its movement can also be seen, it must be active, agile. A weak movement can indicate a lobster is not healthy, and do not choose to buy in that condition.

Indonesian Lobster suppliers apply high quality standards to maintain trusted quality

Fresh lobster that is sold alive is of course more expensive than the type that is already frozen food. However, in living conditions, of course, it has many advantages including better processing results, processing is also more practical, there is no need to disburse it first, although there are also risks, such as maintaining quality, it is more difficult to obtain and of course the price is more expensive.

The Indonesian lobster supplier itself has many choices of the results of its cultivation, besides selling normal sizes, there is also Indonesian baby lobster. The farm itself is also now more developed considering the increasing demand, especially for the export market.