Indonesia Mud Crab Supplier and Farming

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Indonesia Mud Crab Supplier directly from the place of first hand cultivation, has a high selling value and has an international market share. Mud Crab farming in Indonesia already uses modern technology, supported by adequate land, to produce high quality mud crabs.

Mud Crab is popular because it tastes very good, the meat is soft and sweet, with a blend of sea food flavors with the appearance of a variety of very interesting dishes. The size can also reach a large size, so that making it a dish is not only delicious but also satisfies the taste.

Why is the acquisition price expensive? This is because in order to arrive at the export destination country, the mud crab must be alive, and in a healthy and vigorous condition. For serving, it is usually just cooked after being put in the freezer for two hours, to ensure the taste and freshness of the meat. The method of cooking itself also needs special attention, it is cooked in hot water for 22 minutes before further processing.


There are various sizes that can be consumed, from baby mud crabs to giant sizes. Indonesian Mud Crab has high quality because Indonesia itself is a country with many waters which is a good ecosystem for the growth and reproduction of these animals.

Mud Crab farming is now being developed with more modern technology. Why is it being cultivated so much now? because the market demand is quite large, and it is predicted that it will increase, especially the export market abroad, and the selling price is also very profitable. Mud crab cultivation will produce high quality products if the management is considered, using experts, an integrated management system, regular maintenance of water quality and the provision of nutrition and food is maintained.

Indonesian mud crab cultivation continues to be developed, it needs patience and accuracy to maintain the production process, if it is normal to produce giant mud crab it can be harvested within 2 years. For smaller sizes, they can be harvested within 5-6 months.