Indonesia Natural Rubber Supplier Export Commodity

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Indonesia Natural Rubber is one of the country-specific natural products with a tropical climate, because rubber trees can only grow well in climatic conditions like this. Indonesia Natural Rubber Supplier always maintains the quality of production, improves, and improves quality both in terms of production and marketing processes, because it is one of the leading export commodities from Indonesia.

Natural Rubber made in Indonesia has its own quality standard which is usually called Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR). All processes are carried out carefully, from the initial process of taking from the rubber tree, through the extraction process to then cleaning to remove contamination, after which it is cleaned and dried. Indonesia Natural Rubber always maintains each process so that it conforms to the quality standards of the tapping process, which produces sap from rubber trees, produces latex, then undergoes a refining process so that it can be processed at a later stage. The next process that is no less important is the packing of natural rubber according to the size requirements that already exist. Baling and palletizing of previously dried materials are stored in a place where they are available until the delivery stage.

indonesia natural rubber supplier

Its ability to stretch with very high resistance and proven waterproof, makes natural rubber the raw material of choice which is widely used according to its purpose.

Indonesia is the largest contributor to natural rubber production worldwide, along with Thailand and Malaysia. The required product specifications such as SIR10, SIR20, RSS1, RSS3 can be produced in large quantities, ready to meet the domestic market or the international market, ready for export.

The use of rubber itself is widely used in the manufacturing industry, as the main material in its manufacture. It is recorded that the following products use natural rubber as raw material, in the industrial sector, for example the manufacture of conveyor belts, materials for making rubber hoses or rubber pipes, gutters and gaskets. In the engineering sector, natural rubber is used for the production of rubber rings, bearings or springs. In addition, there are also manufacturing rubber compounds, tire curing bladders, molding products, rolls, extrusions, sheets, linings, crumbs, tile & mats or polyurethane rolls.