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Indonesia Pebble Stone is an export commodity from Indonesia that is much sought after in the world market. It is used for various purposes, both for making ground floors, for bathroom floors, for use in gardens, in swimming pools or as room decorations. In Indonesia, a country with a high level of volcanism, the natural pebble stone produced has high quality because the natural source is also of high quality, Indonesian Pebble stone is then processed properly so that the final result is carefully selected.

Pebble stone is widely used as art decoration because it is very flexible to be styled into a classy and artistic artistic unity. Also available in various sizes, as well as various colors, after going through the finalization process. As a decoration, the pebble stone effect wallpaper also has a beautiful and natural pattern, making the room inside and outside feel a beautiful natural feel.


Indonesia Pebble Stone supplies export market demand to various countries. Suppliers from Indonesia get the best ingredients, for example from Indonesia Natural Stone Tulungagung, East Java, and are experienced in handling international export market demands. All requests can be supplied properly, because abundant natural resources, such as black pebble stone, brown, blue, green, gray or white are all natural products and have the best quality.

Indonesia pebble stone comes from various sources, from volcanic sources, from rivers in Indonesia and some are obtained from the coast. In the process, everything is crushed professionally or left naturally according to demand. Then the sorting process according to size and density is also considered in detail and carefully. Natural pebble stone from Indonesia can be ordered wholesale and shipped to the destination country by shipping, shipping professionally in guaranteed safety containers. Pebble stone suppliers in Indonesia, the best to meet all your needs for the chosen pebble stone.

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