Indonesia Raw Cashew Nut Supplier

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Indonesia raw cashew nut supplier has quality products as a favorite food that tastes good. Many regions in Indonesia that produce high quality raw cashew nuts such as Wonogiri, Central Java, Flores West Nusa Tenggara or Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. Raw cashew nut in shell, a natural product from the cashew tree, is cultivated regularly and sustainably.

Indonesia raw cashew nuts are packed properly, in order to guarantee their quality, meet international quality export product standards. Packaging is carried out as needed, according to predetermined sizes. Indonesia is one of the largest raw cashew nut producers in the world. Its processing is also carried out according to international standards, so that quality, taste and product safety are guaranteed, meaning free from toxins and so on.

Apart from domestic consumption, raw cashew nuts have also been exported abroad in the form of wholesale. For example, countries or the United States, have various sizes and grades, of all, the most preferred quality is W-180, the largest in size. There are also other grades, namely W-210, W-240, W-320 to W-450 which are the smallest in size and the cheapest in price.


Raw cashew nut exports from Indonesia go through a controlled and strict process. Quality testing is carried out prior to shipment, by taking a random sample of each product to determine its overall quality. Inspection is carried out by both the seller and the buyer. Packaging also requires a careful process, in order to maintain its quality. Packaging in general uses cans or cardboard packaging, and the most recent is flexible pack, which is more modern and follows modern packaging technology.

In terms of quality, each quality can be distinguished according to its grade. The main qualities have a white to light yellow or ivory color. The second quality is yellow or dark yellow, brownish to light gray. While the quality of the three raw cashew nuts are yellow, brown to light blue.