Indonesia Sea Cucumber Supplier in Frozen

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Indonesia Sea Cucumber Supplier in frozen all size available, original product from Indonesian waters, sold in wholesale form, especially for export orders. Indonesia Sea Cucumber search results of fishermen in waters where there are many natural resources. Unique Indonesian food is popular as an alternative to processed seafood at a premium price, because it needs cultivation with intensive maintenance. To get it in nature, fishermen or divers have to dive at a certain depth to get premium quality sea cucumber. Not all sea cucumber has commercial value, of the hundreds of species only a few types can be sold at satisfactory prices.


Apart from being consumed as daily food, sea cucumber is also believed to be a medicinal ingredient for several diseases, such as fatigue, impotence, constipation, frequent urination, as well as joint pain. Indonesian Sea Cucumber is widely consumed in several Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong. Sea cucumber has a specific fan base, not all of them are fond of this food, maybe because the shape for some people is ridiculous. But the taste is so delicious, especially if the processing is right, with the right seasoning.

Indonesia Sea Cucumber is always processed hygienically and safely and to ensure the freshness of the product

Indonesia Sea Cucumber Supplier makes processed products into various kinds of products, including for medicinal ingredients. Regarding the issue of how much to consume, sea cucumber is safe to consume every day within reasonable consumption limits. By consuming sea cucumber, you can get protein, vitamins, minerals, and several other substances that are useful for the body. Besides that, the treatment of several serious diseases can also use it as an alternative, such as to fight cancer, antimicrobial properties and can also relieve and treat complaints about heart or liver.

Indonesia Sea Cucumber Supplier always prioritizes quality in preparing products for export. All processes are carried out in a thorough manner, from the reception of the fishermen, the processing, to packaging, are carried out professionally through experts in their fields. They have experienced handling this activity for years, while maintaining quality and always trying to improve service for customer satisfaction.