Indonesia Stone Garden Lamp

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We provide Indonesia and Bali stone garden lamp, phenomenal stone crafts, a blend of classic style with modern nuances, resulting in beautiful garden decorations. Stone garden lamp and lanterns have a variety of design and size choices, combined into architectures rich in artistic value having a high taste for art. Indonesia garden lamps and lanterns for better outdoor decoration, placement can stand alone on the floor, or be part of the overall decoration, can be placed on the edge of the pool, near a seat or park bench, suitable also placed in the corners of the park or in front garden entrance.

Indonesia stone garden lamp and lanterns are native craftsmen of regional craftsmen, with international quality and standards. Outdoor garden lamp decorative contemporary design innovations, much preferred because of the natural and natural impression, giving the impression of coolness, beautiful, as well as a source of lighting for high-aesthetic garden functions also as garden decoration indoors and outdoors. Indonesian garden stone lamp, is a modern craft, much in demand domestically and internationally, has been widely exported to foreign countries to meet the demands of various needs for Indonesia natural stone.

The uniqueness of Indonesia stone garden lamp, the placement of lamps inside the stone that has been carved in such a way, displays the glow of light between the carvings, the exotic rays follow the path of the carving pattern, giving a dim romantic atmosphere to the garden lights. The natural color typical of river rocks, giving the atmosphere like a natural river following the splash of artificial fountains, giving a fresh atmosphere typical of nature. Unique attractive design, antique style close to nature, various sizes follow the natural size of each existing natural stone. Moreover, Indonesia stone garden lamp can be made according to the tastes of the customer, custom made following the customer’s desires.