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Indonesia Wooden Beams by PT Rimba Industri Karyatama, raw materials for various types of construction with various shapes and sizes, having a sturdy structure and quality. The building structure is strong and strong, of course, requires an adequate foundation, which can be fulfilled with the wood beam of choice from this company. Due to the large variety of needs for Indonesian wooden beams, various sizes are made according to your needs. These specifications can be further confirmed, in order to obtain a product that really matches the demand. The strong and multi functional structure makes wooden beams widely used as raw material for making various kinds of modern buildings. Apart from being the raw material for the main structure of the building, it can also be made as decorative wooden beams ideas, further beautifying the room because of the decorative accents. Apart from being easy to install, the structure is also lightweight so it does not require extra effort to install.


PT Rimba Industri Karyatama wooden beams manufacturers and supplier

As one of the largest wooden beams exporters in the world, Indonesia has the ability to produce and fulfill the need for these products for various purposes with maintained quality. PT Rimba Industri Karyatama as an exporter of wooden beams from Pontianak, Kalimantan is always ready to meet the global demand for quality wood products. With the support of regulations from the government, as well as adequate resources, Indonesia has become one of the countries that is considered in the world of timber exports, including wooden beams.

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Buy Indonesian wooden beams PT Rimba Industri Karyatama has many advantages. Good quality wood, supported by a direct shipping system from major ports. Raw material is clearly one of the advantages, because it comes from native Indonesian plantations, is managed by an official state agency, certified as well as quality assurance. Moreover, serving the export market, the quality of raw materials must be carefully considered. Wooden Beams Indonesia solutions for various interior and exterior needs come from quality and reliable natural resources, which are well known in the international market. has a variety of product specifications, is managed by a legally certified company, is one of the largest wood processing companies in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Wooden beams exporter from Indonesia

Wooden beams export from Indonesia is now growing, one of which is filled with logs from Pontianak, Kalimantan by PT Rimba Industri Karyatama, has the advantage of adequate products supported by factory facilities and infrastructure to ensure optimal quality of legal raw materials in Indonesia. Modern processing processes and experienced human resources ensure that each process runs according to quality standards.

Company Profile

PT Rimba Industri Karyatama wooden beams factory based in Pontianak, Kalimantan, Indonesia has experience handling log wood orders and has the following operational ranges:

  • Harvesting Wood
  • Wood Building Products Industry
  • Furniture
  • Veneer Industry
  • Sawmill Industry
  • Decorative Plywood

Head Office: Jl. Budi Utomo Gang Purnajaya! No.8A
RT / RW 001/005, Siantan Hilir
North Pontianak
Pontianak 78243

Managing Director’s Lines:
Khairil Anwar
Contact number: +62812 5602 0009
Contact e-mail:

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