Indonesian Batik Fabric

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Indonesian Batik Fabric is a typical Indonesian original fabric that is worldwide and is known for its unique traditional elements that are very diverse and have their respective beauty. The richness of national culture is poured into elegant works of art giving ethnic nuances in every style that is displayed. This gives its own identity and becomes the pride of the nation being able to preserve original monumental works from within the country and has been recognized internationally and increasingly popular.

The beauty of Indonesian Batik Fabric is that its motives adjust to each characteristic of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin where the batik was made. With the breadth and variety of regions in Indonesia, it causes many different types of batik, and each batik lover has his favorite style. There are many ways to produce batik, including the modern way of using printing, but the best is to make it traditionally from the manufacturing process to finishing, using manual equipment, producing beautiful works of Indonesian garment products.

The fabrics used to make Indonesian Batik Fabric are various, from cotton, rayon to silk, all of which have their own uniqueness. The area which is famous for producing the best batik comes from various places such as Batik Pekalongan, Solo, Jogja, Boyolali, Madura, Malang. Each of them even has a distinctive name according to its style such as Batik Kawung, Parang, Mega Mendung, Sekar Jagad, Sidomukti and many others. The use of batik is also universal for various needs, not only for clothing, but also for other purposes.

Various characteristics displayed on the batik pattern have proven to have a strong appeal and are able to arouse curiosity about the product details in question. The whole process from the beginning of manufacturing to the final process to soften the fabric is a fully integrated activity that is thorough and produces products with its own beauty.

To meet the international market, export shipments of batik products have been prepared by Indonesian Batik Fabric suppliers. With professional skills and experience, all orders are handled well from the packing process to the shipment to the destination country. Purchases by wholesale or special orders, all handled in a professional manner prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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