Indonesian Bedroom Furniture

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Indonesian Bedroom Furniture complete equipment for the main bedroom, children’s bedroom and additional bedrooms made of high quality teak wood, including accessories and bedside furniture. The assembly into an integral part is also very compact and easy because it has been through accurate measurements so as to minimize errors in installation, and the results are solid, sturdy appearance. There is also a cupboard in the room as a complement, dressing table, sofa, including a small table, cupboard. Indonesia Furniture is also able to work on bespoke orders to suit customer needs, because it is also important to realize that bedroom furniture must match its own space. For wholesale bookings such as hotel furniture projects that have many rooms of various sizes, custom made furniture is very useful to provide flexibility in ordering.

Besides using teak wood, Indonesia Furniture also serves orders with other wood-based materials such as mahogany, oak to bamboo furniture. The best collection of bedroom furniture from various types of materials, producing many kinds of attractive designs that are up to date. The most complete collection of course prices adjust, the more orders there are the more discounts will be given so that prices can be cheaper. Classic to modern contemporary designs can be done by us, done through a high level of accuracy. High end collections, modern and minimalist designs are in great demand by customers because they follow the current fashion trends.

Orders for full sets of complete bedrooms including additional furnishings are recommended to produce a complete collection of each design according to their completeness. Suitable to meet the tastes of buyers and match the room matched. Visit our gallery in Jepara, the most complete furniture center in Central Java, Indonesia, because here everything is fully available, direct goods from manufacturers, factories in Jepara and its surroundings, raw teak wood raw materials are also quality, originating from tropical forests around the Jepara area, Central Java province, Indonesia. The original Jepara product itself is famous for its distinctive Jepara carvings, which have unique Jepara traditions, Central Java, done by native artists from generation to generation since time immemorial.