Indonesian Blockboard Manufacturer Processed Wood Choice

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Indonesian blockboard manufacturer of multifunctional wood, soft wood blocks with a multiplex layer in the middle. The exterior is top and bottom in wood veneer for a glossy and smooth feel. Blockboard can be used for various purposes including its use on several Indonesian furniture elements such as work tables, kitchen equipment accessories, cupboard shelves for placing books, displays, with a distinctive look of beautiful and elegant wood nuances.

Indonesian block board manufacturer has quality choices and can be trusted because in addition to being experienced, in Indonesia you can easily get quality materials. The use of blackboard in addition to its elegant and natural appearance, also has reliable strength. Its use is better for interior furniture or other indoor purposes, because when used outside it will be easier to rot.

With the reduced supply of whole wood as a basic material for making home interiors, processed wood is the best alternative as a substitute material. Blockboard processed wood is one option, in addition to other materials such as multiplex, laminboard or plywood. The quality of its use is not inferior to whole wood, because the blockboard is made from quality materials. Blockboard has a variety of options according to the coating material, when using teak wood it is called teakblock

Processed wood blockboard has many uses, is strong and does not expand easily, so that the structure can be more durable, resistant to impacts and shocks. Sturdy blockboard for indoor use is not prone to cracking and is not prone to deformation or deformation. Blockboard is also more practical in use and installation, because the material is lighter, so it is more flexible and easy to maintain. This is because the blockboard is made of light wood structure so that the application is also more practical and easy to move to the desired place.

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Blockboard is easier to install and assemble, because the type of wood is light, thinner so that it can be easily cut with a regular saw, or other cutting tools. The high level of functionality, especially for flat surfaces, makes it a favorite as a base for home interiors.

Indonesian Blockboard Manufacturer has a large production capacity so that it can also serve and fulfill the export market. More economical prices also make blockboards more attractive to choose as processed wood for interior products. The best processed wood product, blockboard made in Indonesia has become one of Indonesia’s export commodities of choice.