Indonesian Cocoa Powder Manufacturers for Export

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Indonesian Cocoa Powder Manufacturers produce and export products to foreign countries such as Europe and the United States. Supplier cocoa powder comes from all corners of Indonesia, the best is chosen among the many choices, and is maintained and monitored for the stability of the quality of its production. The production of Indonesian cocoa powder, especially for the export market, is produced using the most sophisticated modern machines through all processes hygienically because all the machines used are also of very high quality.

Product quality is the main concern, through the manufacturing process of cocoa beans into intermediate products, one of which is in the form of export-oriented powder. Management is carried out professionally with experienced personnel in the cocoa industry. Indonesia is a country that is suitable for the growth of this production plant, because the equatorial climate and the land are very fertile, so the geographical conditions are very supportive of the cultivation of this cocoa plant. This tree itself is often found in Sulawesi and Sumatra, the rest in other islands such as Java, Bali and Papua.



The demand for cocoa powder, especially for foreign markets, is increasing, as a supporting material for making consumption chocolate. Even though demand is still a lot from abroad, the domestic market is also starting to experience an increase, so that production capacity is also increasing.

The production of cocoa powder in Indonesia is carried out continuously, including in the factor of preserving its resources so that the ecosystem is always maintained. This sustainability is very important to pay attention to in order to maintain continuity of production, including ensuring the economic level of farmers, especially local farmers. Thus, it will maintain a healthy climate in the community so that it affects a healthy production climate, so as to produce a quality production from getting the supply of raw materials, processing, packaging to delivery.

Indonesian Cocoa Powder Manufacturers guarantee the continuity of its production with original products made in Indonesia, from the ingredients to the processing.