Indonesian Contingent Jersey for the 2024 Paris Olympics Officially Released with Lots of Praise

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Indonesian Contingent Jersey for the 2024 Paris Olympics has finally been released, where the official launch event was held at Nusantara Garden, Hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta, on Thursday (4/7). This official uniform was designed by a famous designer and also the son of Prabowo, the President-elect who will be inaugurated for the 2024-2029 term. Next, KOI will hold an exhibition on July 4-5 at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta to show off this cute looking jersey.


Positive Appreciation about Indonesian Jersey

The launch of the Indonesian contingent’s jersey was immediately warmly welcomed by the public, both offline and online. Many people praise the classy and elegant appearance of this jersey. The echo even reached neighboring countries who were jealous of the attractive appearance of the Indonesian contingent’s jersey design. As previously known, Malaysia has released their Olympic jersey, which ultimately received a lot of criticism from its citizens.

Details of the Indonesian Contingent Jersey

The details of the Indonesian contingent’s jersey consist of two main colors, namely red and white, accompanied by the Garuda Pancasila symbol with a black shield on the left chest. According to Didit, the designer, the appearance of this jersey was inspired by the Indonesian national song “Berkibarlah Benderaku” by Mrs. Sud. The apparel was prepared by Li-Ning as a sports fashion manufacturer.

The design is like depicting the Indonesian flag flying. Red and white makes all Indonesian people feel like they belong and become one unit, united in supporting Indonesia. The philosophy that every verse of the song is expressed in the design created.

There are two sets of uniforms and merchandise for athletes and officials to use for events related to the 2024 Paris Olympics. There is also a special set of uniforms for receiving medals, as well as an additional set of uniforms for training and in official areas. Athletes are given sports clothing, namely t-shirts, shorts, track pants and playing kit jerseys according to their respective sports. Apart from the jersey design, Didit also designed the shirts and jackets that will be worn by the Indonesian contingent team.

Opportunity to design the Indonesian National Football Team Jersey

For Didit Prabowo or Didit Hediprasetyo, the designer, this is certainly proof of his stunning work and recognition from the public. An elegant work from a designer who is experienced in the international fashion arena. It is possible that he will also be asked to help create the design for the Indonesian national football team, which is still receiving criticism from the public.

The launch of the Indonesian contingent’s jersey, which looks attractive and has received a lot of appreciation and praise, has certainly had a big impact on the conditions leading up to the biggest sporting event at the Paris Olympics in 2024. The Indonesian contingent has certainly become more enthusiastic and motivated to perform at their best to defend and make Indonesia proud on the international stage.

The 2024 Paris Olympics will be attended by the Indonesian contingent, sending a total of 29 athletes spread across 12 sports. The sport that sends the most athletes is the big sport of Badminton. All athletes are determined to try their best and maximum to make Indonesia proud.