Indonesian Dried Flower Supplier Wholesale Purchases

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Indonesian Dried Flower Supplier offers direct wholesale purchases from Indonesia, with the best preservation methods. Various kinds of dried flower are available with the most complete collections and stock in large quantities for wholesale orders, the supply is always maintained.

Dried Flowers – If we want to decorate our house with Dried Flowers, we have two options: buy or dry it yourself. If we decide on the second alternative, just follow a few simple steps to get the ideal dried flowers:
The first thing we have to do is remove the leaves from the bottom of the flower stems that we have chosen to dry and also remove the leaves that don’t look good. Then we will tie them in bunches of five to ten flowers, placed in a staggered manner so that some flowers are higher than others.

Finally, we put it upside down, for example, from the beam and let it dry in a dark, ventilated place for about three weeks.



Crafts With Dried Flowers
Dried flowers are a great way to decorate our homes. Here are some decorating ideas with dried flowers that you can inspire from:
Potpourri from dried flowers: one of the most common ways to use dried flowers, both as a decorative element and to scent a room at home, is potpourri. All we have to do to make this simple craft is to pick out the petals of each dried flower and add a little fragrance or essential oil to maintain the fragrance.

Candles with dried roses: another way to decorate our homes with dried flowers is to give a new look to simple candles. The first thing we have to do is choose the flower composition we want to use, choosing in detail the appropriate color combination for each pattern. In order for the dried flowers to stick to the wax, we have to press a preheated spoon to melt the wax and place the flower we have chosen in the hole.

Dried flower bouquets: if we want to give Dried Flowers look to our bedroom or even living room, we can also make dried flower bouquets. One of the most common types of dried bouquets is a rose wreath, which takes us back to the Victorian era and blends perfectly with shabby chic d├ęcor.