Indonesian Frozen Yogurt Suppliers at Outrageously Competitive Prices

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Indonesian frozen yogurt suppliers at outrageously competitive prices, always have a place in the hearts of fans because the products are full of benefits and are processed hygienically to produce high quality products with delicious flavors

Frozen Yogurt is a dairy product with a creamy consistency obtained from fermented milk. Although there is no obstacle in using any type of milk to make yogurt, preferably, the current production uses cow’s milk. Meanwhile, it is precisely the fermentation of milk sugar into lactic acid that will give yogurt a distinctive consistency and taste among other similar substances.

Although the natural flavor, known as Kumis, is the most frequent, in recent years the demand for flavored yogurt has been forced and that is why it is common to find fruit, vanilla, chocolate yogurt or other flavorings. The origin of the word yogurt comes from Turkish, and it implies a mixture, of course in determining its name, the method of manufacture has a lot to do with it.



Regarding its appearance from time to time, there is reliable evidence that speaks of the existence of Yogurt 4,500 years ago, the first yogurt is believed to have emerged as a consequence of spontaneous fermentation, possibly due to the action of some bacteria found in the bags of goat skin. , which is used as a transport container.

For a long time, yogurt remained a specialty of India, Asia and Europe, until around 1900, a scientist officially revealed the beneficial properties of yogurt related to the high life expectancy they produced in Bulgarian farmers, then, from which the consumption was enlarged.

The main ingredients yogurt needs are benign bacteria, which will stay in the milk under controlled temperature and environmental conditions, which will vary depending on the texture you want to give the yogurt, including hard, soft, pasteurized.

Currently, there are unlimited variations of yogurt, strawberry, plum, vanilla, natural, drinkable, firm, creamy, super creamy, while sweet or regular cereals are usually the ideal companion, even many brands have sold them with small pots of cereal in packs that are Same with Yogurt.Some of the main benefits of yogurt are that it is rich in calcium, protein, and helps regulate the intestines.