Indonesian Handicrafts are Worldwide and Have an Export Market

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Indonesia is known as a center for handicrafts that have various types and forms and are already global. Many know and are attracted by the unique appearance, high artistic value and good marketability in the international market. This cannot be separated from the large diversity of regions that exist, each having its own characteristics, making it always the center of attention of people in various countries.

Indonesia is blessed with a strategic location with a tropical climate, where there are many quality raw materials that can be obtained from the country itself to create a quality work that cannot be separated from the characteristics of each region. The beauty of nature is also a source of inspiration for a work of art so that it can appear exotic in the presentation of various cultures wrapped with originality, displaying charm in every craft made.

These various types of crafts come from generations, have traditional values that are timeless. Apart from being works of art, these crafts display national identity with their own uniqueness. This is what makes it look attractive and makes the world market not hesitate to see this handicraft from Indonesia.

Along with the development of the era, handicraft products are also not left behind in transforming in this modern era without losing their identity. Many handicraft products adopt the needs of today’s trends, look attractive and modern, but you can still recognize that they are the work of the nation’s children. For this reason, Indonesian handicraft works that are worldwide and have succeeded in placing in a good position in the world handicraft industry market will be displayed here.


Cendana Wood Fan

Bali as an exotic place, also produces various Bali crafts with an attractive and exotic appearance, one of which is a sandalwood fan. Made of sandalwood which is famous for having a distinctive aroma, this wooden fan when flicked gives off a distinctive sandalwood fragrance. Usually used as props for Balinese dance performances, now Balinese sandalwood fans can also be owned as a unique collection of handicrafts from Bali.

Pandan Weave

Pandan woven crafts are also one of the typical handicrafts from Indonesia. This craft is widely available in Riau, especially from Natuna district, one of the archipelagoes in Indonesia. This pandan plait can appear into various handicraft products such as baskets, wallets, places to eat and many more creations that can be made. Pandan plaits can also appear with various motifs, from ethnic to contemporary motifs, in accordance with the times.

Songket Cloth

Songket cloth is the result of a magnificent work, a cloth that gives the impression of luxury and elegance to those who wear it. This is inseparable from the manufacture which has a fairly high level of complexity, requiring skill and patience in its manufacture. The use of gold and silver threads in making the motifs on songket cloth also adds to the exclusivity of his work. Apart from being sold in the form of cloth, these original Palembang handicrafts can also be found in the form of clothes, scarves and headscarves that can be worn immediately.


Batik is one of the phenomenal works of Indonesian handicraft production, in the form of cloth decorated with various motifs according to the place of manufacture which is widely spread throughout Indonesia. Batik has received recognition as the work of the archipelago and has won many places at various events, is worn by world heads of state in ceremonial events, and is even recognized by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages that should be protected.

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