Indonesian Microgreen Supplier of Fresh Herb and Vegetables

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Indonesian microgreen supplier of fresh herb and vegetables can be harvested at a very young age with a myriad of benefits. Find a microgreen supplier here, the closest place to you, as a variety of healthy food using a hydroponic system.

The microgreen is exactly what its name suggests. They are the smaller or immature versions of the plant, which means you harvest green plants like herbs, greens and greens when they are about 2 cm tall. But people use it a lot in their salads and as an addition to their dishes because of the amazing benefits they have. Microgreens are an excellent source of nutrients and are also packed with enzymes due to the speed at which they grow.

Microgreen, at the end of the day, you can have a plate of vegetables all year round on your table. That’s what really appealed to me when I started considering growing my own micro-vegetables. However, if you think of them as a source of income, many high-end restaurants use them to garnish their dishes. So as you can see, they are very diverse little plants that have many nutritional and monetary benefits.

What Types of Micro Vegetables Are There?
When I started studying green vegetables, I was overwhelmed. There are many types of green vegetables. Some are known to be easier, some are tougher, and some are known as the common type of micro green that people really like.



Microverde cultivation is consolidated in the world thanks to the speed in the production process. These are plants, like vegetables, harvested between 7 and 21 days after germination. In this period, the first leaves (cotyledons) are fully developed and the original leaves are already there.

In Brazil, production and consumption are still taking the first steps. According to the president of Isla Sementes, Diana Werner, there is little science that has adapted to the local characteristics of cultivation and that farmers have produced it differently.

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“They want to reduce the cycle one day, letting the plants color in one way or another match the light offered,” says Diana. He points out that between the simplest and most technologically advanced techniques there is Microgreen with many alternatives.