Indonesian Midman Service, Sourcing, Buying and Shipping from Indonesia

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Indonesian Midman Service, sourcing, buying and shipping from Indonesia. Do you want to buy goods from Indonesian marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada,, Blibli, but don’t have access because you are outside Indonesia? or you don’t understand what the product description is because all the information is in Indonesian? we are the solution to solve the problem. We will help to buy and deliver the product to your address quickly and safely. You can freely and easily determine what product you want, and we take care of all for you.

In addition, you can get several benefits:

  • Repackaging with strong and high quality materials.
  • Consolidation. You can buy several kinds of goods from various existing marketplaces, we will consolidate these items into one so that it is more practical.
  • Warehousing. We can provide a storage area within a certain time, waiting for your items to be collected and ready to be shipped.

We are a midman service that acts as a sourcing agent or buying agent, carrying out sourcing, purchasing and shipping activities to destination countries directly from Indonesia. If you already have your own shipping company, you can still use our services for purchases and packaging.

You can get various benefits from us, apart from personal service, you don’t need complicated steps. You don’t have to have a membership or other regulations, just contact us directly personally. We can reduce shipping costs by choosing cheap transportation services but still prioritizing quality and safety.

Midman shopping from Indonesia services are a specialty for us. We can communicate your desires and are able to fulfill all your shopping needs from Indonesia. You only pay for the necessary fees, there are no hidden costs, everything is transparent, starting from the price of goods, local delivery, international shipping, agency fees and administration fees, that’s all.

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