Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry for Export

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Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry is one of the cultivated sectors that is being encouraged to increase the volume of the world export market and foreign exchange. To realize this goal, the construction of infrastructure and other necessary supporting facilities and facilities is also developed. One of them is fulfilling the need for fish feed. Everything is done in an integrated manner so that the Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry can run smoothly meeting domestic needs and export needs.

The expansion of shrimp ponds in Indonesia in several regions is in line with the goal of increasing these exports. Demand for shrimp exports is also increasing over time, it needs real fulfillment and realization. Shrimp Farming is increasingly developing in Indonesia, especially in areas such as Lampung, East Java, Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara or West Java. That way shrimp production can keep up with demand for export orders to various foreign countries.


Thus it is expected that all parties can benefit, including the farmers. The Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry is ready to accept orders from abroad with quality products according to international quality standards.

Intensive expansion of ponds provides great opportunities for the Shrimp Farming industry sector. A structured development strategy coupled with regular implementation makes the opportunity to dominate the world export market more open. The potential for Shrimp Farming is still very open, especially in coastal areas, especially in eastern Indonesia which is still very open. This is in line with the Indonesian government’s policy in aquaculture and marine product processing technology.

The Indonesian Shrimp Farming Industry is increasing, but it also maintains the preservation of nature and mangrove forests so that the ecosystem remains in balance. Thus, in the international market, Indonesia is able to compete fiercely with the largest shrimp exporting countries such as Thailand and China. Sustainable Shrimp Farming in Indonesia is able to maintain the availability of shrimp supply for domestic and international consumption. All management is in accordance with predetermined standards, including the factor of preserving nature, so that there is no negative impact on the development of this industry.