Indonesian Supply Chain and Logistics Providers

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Indonesian supply chain and logistics providers provide comprehensive services for trusted international freight forwarding companies, customs clearance agents at all Indonesian customs points, and inland transportation to various final destination areas, from and to large warehousing to other special destinations. Integrated solutions for various logistics needs, domestic and international needs are served professionally. Many years of experience in the field of Indonesian supply chain and logistics, makes us do all matters quickly, precisely and efficiently. Armed with its own fleet, national flag vessels, tough expedition trucking, depot warehouse available in various big cities, loading and unloading equipment including dozers, bulldozers for ship to ship transportation, as well as experienced human resources in customs, customs and many more supporting facilities in supporting success from the beginning to the end of the process. Whatever your needs for logistics and supply chain, we can adjust and complete each task according to customer needs. Logistics provider from Indonesia with capability standards, serving domestic to international needs.

Indonesian Logistics Provider planning and implementation point to point according to customer desires, will be various types of goods and needs, materials to finished materials. Supporting the distribution system directly or indirectly, to the final destination delivering goods from the starting point to the end point. Logistics and transportation are important factors to smooth the overall supply chain management.

International freight forwarding serves all export and import activities in the Indonesian customs area, heading to or picking up from various regions, door to door services, port to port, port to door, door to port with the most convenient facilities, supported by integrated global network services. The most complete logistics service, including inland transportation with trucking or other modes, warehousing rental, custom clearance services and other important documents, all we can do with the full support of inter mode and multi mode modes.

Inland transportation, fleet complete with trucks and trailers to support shipping activities by land, transportation using containers or a combination of several modes simultaneously. Land transportation for various projects, heavy equipment, large machinery, dangerous cargo transportation and other transportation can be handled with professional handling, reliable fleet.

Shipping Agency, handle all your shipping from and to Indonesia, port to port, port to vessels, or transhipments for domestic shipments and International. Arranging ships coming to Indonesian waters, managing all the needs that ships need in Indonesia including custom clearances.

Custom Clearance, a service for handling export and import customs documents, so you no longer need to mess around handling documents that sometimes require time, not a little concentration. All administrative matters can be resolved smoothly without constraints, so that your business is not disrupted.

As is known, that Indonesia is an archipelago country, so that the collection of cargo for export, or delivery of imported products should be through one large port door, so that supply chain logistics activities can be smooth, able to reduce costs as economically as possible. The collection of cargo via inter-island transport or inland transport to one point of the Indonesian International Port, for further shipping delivery to the final destination of exports of various continents, America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia.

Complete services including facilities: Warehouse, CY, CFS, Container, Pallet, Depot through modes of transportation: Ships, Airplanes, Trucks, Railways, Pipes through points: Ports, River Ports, Airports, Land Ports, Stations, Depots, via facilities Sea, River, Air, Road, Railway. The markets covered include: Agro Terminal, Central Market, Traditional Market, Stall, Store, Hyper / Super / Mini Market and many more. Indonesian Logistics Service providers are ready to organize, plan and implement integrated logistics solutions by utilizing appropriate technology, infrastructure, infrastructure and extend further scope of business.

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