Indonesian Teak Wood Supplier

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Indonesian Teak Wood The most competent supplier in its field, has decades of experience as an Indonesia Furniture manufacturer, company and supplier, including as a wholesale exporter to various foreign export destinations with selected products, especially teak wood. This is the main reference because it is a trusted manager who has worked well with the Government, in this case Perhutani who legally manages teak wood plantations on an organized basis so that their utilization can be carried out without disturbing the preservation of nature.

Indonesian teak wood suppliers are becoming suppliers of furniture needs made from teak wood on an ongoing basis, producing export quality products, Grade A best quality because this is where the teak plantations are neatly managed through state intervention as a regulator. This is possible because Indonesia is a country on the equator, with a tropical climate, so that teak plantations can grow well, producing the best quality teak wood. The end products of the Indonesian Furniture industry are also well-known to all export countries such as Europe, Australia, the United States, Asia and the Far East, even as they are known, many agents directly visit Indonesia, for direct negotiations with directors, directors buying with a first-hand supplier in his hometown, namely Jepara Furniture City in Central Java province, in order to get competitive furniture prices.

indonesian teak wood supplier

indonesian teak wood supplier

Many Indonesian Teak Wood Supplier products that are favorites include teak wood bed frames, adondond chairs, coffee tables, outdoor dining tables and chair sets, garden bench, doors, lounge chairs, shower bench, wardrobe and many others meet the export market. In addition, many wholesale orders fulfill the needs of furniture projects such as the manufacture of resorts, hotel furniture projects, restaurants, villas, all of which are supplied directly from Indonesia. Another advantage in addition to the best quality raw materials is the artistic value of the crafts of the original hereditary craftsmen from Jepara, who are already known for their beauty