Indonesian Tie Dye suppliers in Java and Bali

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Indonesian Tie Dye suppliers are mostly produced in Java and Bali with their respective motifs and characteristics. Get quality products at low prices, new fashion street style supplied by experienced manufacturers.

Tie Dye-Most people think that Tie Dye was created in the 1960’s in America by the hippie movement. If you believe them too, don’t worry because they are the most common. But that’s not true, it has centuries of history. The truth is that the name binding dye was given in the United States, but in the 1920’s.

A tie dye shirt is a classic that never goes out of style. Despite its ups and downs in popularity, it’s something you can almost always see people wearing. The late 60’s was when it was the most popular, but now in 2020 it is betting again, although many designers have chosen to lighten the colors a little to a slightly more pastel tone.

In the sixth century in India, a type of ikat dyeing was known known as Bandhani. In this process they use thread to tie small pieces of fabric into patterns. The bonded parts remain unstained and have small spots. This type of coloring is still used today. In the 8th century Japan and Indonesia produced the famous Shibori which is still practiced today. The most elegant kimono in Japanese culture has a shibori motif.



During the Momoyama period (1568-1603) a new type of ikat dyeing known as tsujigahana was developed. Which uses a type of Chinese ink called Sumi. Another process in use today.

Tie Dye – Arriving In the United States
In the 1920s in the United States what they called “Tie Dye” became popular for dyeing dresses. Then during the Great Depression of the 1930’s, brochures were distributed telling you how to cheaply update your clothes with this system in times of crisis.

Remember that this is a sustainable, ecological and above all inexpensive method of reusing your clothes, clothes or accessories.

Hippie era
The 1960s, of course, was the decade most commonly associated with tie dye. Almost everyone has seen a photo of a man and woman wearing this type of clothing at Woodstock in 1969.

Tie Dye is a style that has been forgotten for decades and saw a rise in popularity in the hippie era because it is a unique, easy, and inexpensive way to show your creativity. Because no two clothes are alike.