Indonesian Wagyu Suppliers, Specialists in the Food Industry

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Indonesian Wagyu suppliers, specialists in the food industry, supply only premium products to various destinations in Indonesia. Exclusive wagyu meat needs special and professional handling in every shipment. Suppliers with complete equipment guarantee the availability and freshness of each product.

Wagyu beef, originating from Japan, from the city of Kobe, is one of the most widely selected in the world due to its unique taste, tenderness and juiciness characteristics. The meat of this animal is recognized by its marbling or fat infiltration in the muscle fibers, which gives it a soft texture that seems to melt on the palate. The aroma is unique and slightly sweet, and the taste is strong and pleasant. For this reason, it is considered by many experts to be “the best meat in the world”.

Efficacy And Nutritional Benefits

Wagyu beef is distinctly different from other breeds of beef in that it is of superior quality, accentuating the defining aspects of an extremely tender and juicy beef. In addition, the fats are very healthy for human consumption, as they contain a high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as conjugated oleic, linoleic or linoleic acid (omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids), which help the immune system. and cell development.



Apart from that, it also helps prevent cardiovascular disease, arthritis or high blood pressure, therefore, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, this type of beef is a great alternative for anyone who wants to maintain their physical and mental health. Concerned about the global warming of the planet (9% of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect are caused by livestock gases in general), we have designed an exclusive meal for our Wagyus.

These foods contain no additives and are very easy to digest so they do not produce polluting gases, turning animal meat into a delicious and especially healthy product for human consumption. With more than one hundred square meters of extension for each animal, facilities provided with pipe music, biodegradable beds, which we then use as organic fertilizer on the farm itself, and food that we prepare ourselves based on forage.

In recent years, thanks mainly to our work on publicizing the outstanding quality of Wagyu beef, more people have heard the term. But many still only recognize the term Kobe, and believe that Wagyu is something completely different, when in fact it is not.