Indonesia’s Best Teak Root Dining Table from Jepara

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Indonesia’s Best Teak Root Dining Table with a charming classic design and unique shape, also known as a natural teak root patio table, is one of Indonesia Furniture‘s mainstay furniture products that attracts many buyers, including for the export market.

A classic design that has its own uniqueness in every item produced. Her appearance looks elegant, becoming one of the collections of luxury dining tables, a favorite of lovers of classic design dining table collections. The natural curves of the root shape of the teak tree cannot be replicated exactly, all of which make for a very valuable private collection.

Everything is made from natural materials, you can choose a model that is full of teak wood, or a glass top teak root dining table. Made from the roots of the original teak tree from Jepara which has long been famous for its teak wood furniture products complete with typical Jepara carvings which are well known to foreign countries.

The picking process is carried out carefully and carried out by experienced experts, so that all the branches and roots are intact and without defects, in order to produce a perfect teak root dining table.

Regarding quality, teak wood from teak plantations in Jepara, produces the best and highest quality raw materials, the best grade A raw materials with certification from relevant agencies to guarantee quality and legal raw materials.

Furniture with grade A quality wood has guaranteed quality and durability that can last hundreds of years. This is because this root material besides being of the best quality, also grows underground so that it is free from disturbance by wood pests in general.

So it is a guarantee that products from Indonesia Furniture always produce the best furniture handicrafts, made from original quality materials from Indonesian soil, in this case from Jepara, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get a teak root dining table for export to other countries. you.

Teak root dining table with cheap price

As we explained above, the Teak Roots Dining Table produced is a special and unique product, produced from Indonesian natural and natural ingredients of the highest quality. The quality of grade A wood is one of the guarantees that the product has special strength, lasting for hundreds of years, one might even say that buying once is for a lifetime.

Imagine the manufacture of this luxurious teak root table is not simple, because from the start the process requires maximum effort. Starting from taking the roots of teak wood from its location which requires a lot of struggle, because the roots naturally spread everywhere. Complete work on this unit can take up to a month, before producing this unique and special masterpiece.

But there’s another best part about all of this, aside from the quality of the products, namely, the prices are so affordable. You will be surprised, because these products of the highest quality, elegance and luxury are sold at very low prices. for one set. A set of Teak Roots Dining Table, including a table with four chairs, a masterpiece collection made of exclusive teak wood.

Product specifications: natural teak root material tpk perhutani, finishing type in the form of natural classic, type of Indonesian Jepara furniture, paint material from impra.