Indonesia’s Most Complete Gym Equipment Suppliers

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Indonesia’s most complete gym equipment supplier, from simple fitness equipment to sophisticated ones. Gym equipment for various purposes in gyms, star hotels, in private homes, schools, to military complexes. Purchasing as well as setting can be done by consulting beforehand.

Gym Equipment – Generally speaking, the first thing we do when entering the Gym Equipment room is to observe all the machines that are there. Less experienced people in this sector saw only that, Machine. In today’s article we want to analyze the different types of machines that exist and that you can find in the gym, mentioning their uses and advantages.

This allows us to do regular cardiovascular exercise, thereby increasing the efficiency of our heart and circulatory system, reducing the likelihood and likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular disease (cholesterol, hypertension) and others such as obesity or diabetes.



Each presents differences at the biomechanical level which allow them to adapt in one way or another to different individuals of different populations so that they can derive more benefits according to their possibilities and functional limitations.

Bodybuilding Machine
Known as the “power machine”, which aims to improve our muscle system, whether at the level of endurance, strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth). We can distinguish between:

Gym Plate Machine
for all new users who have no gym experience as it reduces the chance of injury due to abuse, as all movements are guided.

Of course, it should be noted that the ideal is that the Fitness Equipment or room technician always guides the person on the correct operation, use and preparation of the same height and number of plates to be used.
As a negative aspect, it is worth mentioning that in general they usually do not allow unilateral work and, sometimes, the movements are not as natural as we would like them to be, as the following machines do.

They are machines that have evolved biomechanically to allow for the work of muscles that are somewhat different from plate machines, as they allow us to find the midpoint between guided (plate) machines and free weights.

Their designs provide a useful increase in travel and sensation in an eccentric phase very similar to that felt when training with free weights. Additionally, they allow one-sided work in a very comfortable way.

Another obvious advantage is that it allows you to perform exercises with much larger weights, because the load is added with the disc. The biggest drawback of this Fitness Equipment is that its use requires more space because its dimensions are the same as the lever arm making it bigger.