Kinds of Clay Crafts Ideas

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Clay craft is one of the crafts that has its own charm for most people. The fans are indeed quite a lot and spread in almost all parts of Indonesia.

People like it because of its uniqueness and also attractive and beautiful shapes. While in this case we will explain about the kinds of crafts from clay, including:

What are the Crafts Made of Clay?


1. Unique Dinnerware
One of the clay crafts is a unique cutlery. Although, in modern times like now, it is quite difficult to find cutlery made of clay like this. However, all of that did not dampen the intention of the craftsmen to keep making unique crafts like this.

Meanwhile, to be able to make unique cutlery crafts from clay, wet clay is needed. The craftsmen can make their own cutlery that they need. This is certainly very interesting and will give its own impression in it.

2. Flowers
The next craft made of clay is flowers. For those who like crafts that have unique shapes, of course this clay flower will look very attractive and nice.

The first thing to be able to produce flowers from this clay material is to prepare all the materials and tools needed. You can make a variety of beautiful and attractive flower shapes using clay media.

The result is also no less beautiful with flowers from other materials. Meanwhile, to further reveal its beauty, then you can give bright colors to this one craft.

3. Flower Vase
Flower vases can also be made into a clay craft. Even the enthusiasts of this one craft are also quite a lot. In addition, this one object is also still quite busy used by people today.

One of the reasons is because of its unique and natural shape. In fact, these clay vase enthusiasts are not only from the domestic community. But also foreign people.

So this makes the economic value of this one object increase. That way, the economic welfare of the surrounding community who produce these flower vases is also getting higher.

4. Piggy bank
The next object in the form of clay crafts that you need to know is a piggy bank, which is also quite attractive to the public, especially small children. Especially now that the decorations are given cute and interesting cartoon pictures.

This of course gives the impression of being interesting and funny. All of them are indeed very good and will make everyone interested in the various designs. You can make various kinds of creations of beautiful shapes and pictures.

5. Ashtray
Ashtrays are places of various shapes that are used to dispose of butts and cigarette ashes. Generally made of glass and plastic. However, some people also make it from clay.

Ashtrays can be made in various shapes. For example, in the form of circles, squares and many other shapes. You can make your own creations with these shapes. That way, everything will be more interesting.

So a little discussion about these kinds of clay crafts. Hopefully it can be useful for you and happy reading!