Kinds of Resin Arts and Crafts Indonesia

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Resin crafts are one of the most popular forms of handicrafts today. The resulting designs are quite interesting and unique. The handicrafts produced can also be sold at a fairly economical price, even very valuable and can bring excess profits for the entrepreneur.

At this time we will describe the  Kinds of Resin Arts and Crafts Indonesia that you need to know. For those of you who are curious, just look at the explanation below!


What Kinds of Resin Crafts?

Several Kinds of Resin Crafts

1. Earrings

One form of craft that can be made using resin is earrings. The design made in the form of this resin will be more durable and long lasting. Even the period of time can be quite long and you can use it for a long time.

In addition, when you use resin-based earrings. So, its use will be much lighter and the surface of the coating is much more shiny and unique. That way it will create a more beautiful and nice shape for you to use later.

2. Ashtray

In addition to earrings, you can also make handicrafts in the form of an ashtray with resin-based materials. The result will be very beautiful and certainly looks more unique and attractive. You can sell it as a souvenir or just to meet economic needs.

You will get its own aesthetic value when making cigarette ashtrays from resin materials like this. Moreover, the motifs and patterns produced when using resin materials will have different shapes. So, of course you will be able to get new shapes every time.

3. Ring

Rings can also be made of resin. In the past, ring motifs made from resin were well known to many people. Even once popular and popular at that time. There are many people who like and hunt it.

However, along with the development of time and time. The presence of this resin ring is getting swallowed up by the rapid flow of technology. However, this does not reduce its existence which is still being hunted by some people. Especially in collectors of art items like this.

4. Home Decoration

You can also use resin materials to make unique and beautiful home decorations. This will certainly further beautify your home with a variety of these decorations.

The house will also appear more colorful and beautiful when it has unique decorations on the walls. You can add resin decorations with various motifs and looks. So that your home is much more beautiful and look different.

5. Keychain

Key chains can also be one of the things you can make using resin. With the design or model that is always different, it will certainly create its own unique impression when used as a keychain.

There are many people who are still loyal to the existence of this one thing. In fact, it is not surprising that there are still many people who are after it, this is because this object is very unique and beautiful. So, there are a lot of people who want it.

So a little brief discussion about these kinds of resin crafts. Resin can be used as a variety of objects or accessories. You can create it according to your individual wishes.

Because this one object will be very suitable for various uses. Especially with the appearance of unique patterns and always different for each item.