Kinds of Silver Crafts You Need to Know

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Kinds of Silver Crafts You Need to Know. Since the Dutch era was still in the archipelago, silver has become one of the most superior handicraft products. Like teapots, cutlery, i.e. spoons, forks, and knives, many are made of silver which you may now see in museums in your area.

In the past few years, when the agate fever was still hot, silver was widely used as a ring to bind the agate itself. Silver itself is a type of soft metal so it is much easier to shape than other types of metal.

Therefore, many silver craftsmen do not find it difficult when making a craft product made from silver. At this time we will explain about several kinds of silver crafts that you need to know. Below you can see the reviews, as follows:


What Kinds of Silver Crafts?

1. Jewelry

As you know, silver jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry after gold, pearls and diamonds. In addition, silver is also a metal material that is often used as a basic material in making jewelry.

Starting from bracelets, necklaces, rings, to earrings, many are made of silver.
Many people choose silver as an alternative because silver jewelry has a number of advantages, such as a cheaper price than other types of jewelry and can be resold at a price that is not much different from the purchase price.

2. Miniature

In addition to being used as jewelry, silver is also commonly found in miniature form. This silver miniature craft has many types of sizes with various types of shapes, ranging from small, medium, to large. We can meet at the silversmiths, there are miniature horses, geese, or other animals.

In addition, the types of vehicles that we usually use are also objects for craftsmen to make miniatures, such as cars, ranging from old-school cars to modern cars, bicycles, wagons and horse-drawn carriages along with their horses, and many more.

You can also find buildings that are icons of an area in their miniature form. Buildings such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Rumah Gadang, Clock Tower, and many others.

3. Keychain

Craft items that are not far from you and include the types of craft items that you often use, namely key chains you can also find with silver base materials. Silver is also used as the basic material for making key chains because key chains are a favorite item for tourists to be used as souvenirs.

With a small form, silver key chains can be sold at a fairly profitable price. In addition, key chains also have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes a keychain with a miniature form of a tourist destination becomes one of the favorite models for visitors.

4. Bros

Apart from key chains, brooches are also small items that you often use, especially girls. With a wide variety of shapes, brooches are a favorite accessory to enhance your appearance.

Especially brooches made of silver. When using a brooch made of silver, your appearance will look more elegant and luxurious, but it does not eliminate the simple impression because the size of the brooch is generally small.