Know the Basic Differences between Acacia Wood and Teak Wood Furniture

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Many products from Indonesia Furniture are made from teak wood or acacia wood, both of which have many advantages as the main material for making quality furniture. However, many do not know what is the difference between teak and acacia wood.

Indeed, when viewed with naked eye, these two woods are quite difficult to distinguish, but that does not mean that the differences between the two cannot be identified. Because the two types of wood are different, there must be characteristics that can distinguish which type of teak and which is acacia wood.

The following will inform you of the basic differences that distinguish between these two woods:


Wood Color

At first glance, both of them have the same color, namely brown, but if you examine more closely, the brown color in acacia wood is darker than the brown color in teak wood. Especially if these two types of wood have been further processed, processed into planks and dried, the difference will be clearer, where acacia wood appears darker brown than the color present in teak wood.

Wood Weight

With the same dimensions for both types of wood, including length, width and thickness, along with the same level of dryness, it can be distinguished that acacia wood is heavier when compared to teak wood.

Wood pores

The pores in teak wood are finer, in the sense that it is softer and smaller than that of acacia wood, which is coarser. This causes the surface of teak wood to feel smoother when compared to acacia wood.

Aroma or Smell of Wood

Acacia wood has an unpleasant aroma or smell of wood when we smell it, it smells like urine because of the smell of urine, while teak wood has no smell.

Wood hardness level

Both are actually hardwood types, but in detail, acacia wood has a higher level of hardness than teak wood. Because of this, acacia wood breaks or cracks more easily and if the pieces are thin, they will bend easily. It is different from teak wood which has a lower hardness level, so it is not easily broken, cracked or curved even in the form of thin pieces.

Wood Durability

Teak wood is known for its durability so that when compared to acacia wood, its durability is higher, longer lasting and relatively more weather resistant. When classified into classes, teak wood is included in level 1 in the type of durability while acacia wood is included in level 2 in its level of durability.

Wood Prices

Teak wood in terms of selling per cubic meter is much more expensive when compared to the selling price of acacia wood. This causes furniture made of teak wood to be more expensive than furniture made of acacia wood.

Thus a brief review of the differences between teak and acacia wood. Hopefully this can be a reference to truly understand the difference, so that in practice it is not easy to be deceived by dishonest traders when looking for furniture for their own needs or for export to various countries. Because this is where the important points that make the difference, including price, of the goods you want to trade, regarding quality issues, of course, need special attention so you don’t choose the wrong one.

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