Kopi Luwak, World’s Most Expensive Coffee

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Kopi Luwak, World’s Most Expensive Coffee – Coffee is the number one drink in most developed countries, and the industry seems to be reinventing itself every day. Every time there’s a new coffee machine, a new method of preparing Kopi Luwak, a new barista with secret tricks to get the best infusions and a new way of grinding and roasting coffee beans.

However, there is a trend that goes far beyond the rest: drinking luwak coffee which is native to Indonesia. If one more clue is needed, let me tell you that the luwak is the name of the Indonesian civet, a mammal that is similar to a raccoon. Are you wondering what this one has to do with another? All right, keep reading.

What is Luwak Coffee?
Kopi Luwak coffee is neither more nor less than that obtained from the grains that are digested by civets and extracted directly from their feces.



Luwak Coffee Cafe
Due to the long and meticulous process of obtaining these coffee beans, Kopi Luwak has been decorated as the world’s most expensive coffee and, in fact, has more crowns than it should.
So, let’s analyze the reasons why the price of this Luwak Coffee is exorbitant. Warning: the simplest tin and should stop reading from here. And if curiosity takes hold of you, you know what they are saying, the person who warned is not a traitor!

How to Get Luwak Coffee?
Among the eating habits of the civet which is known as the luwak are coffee beans. After the animal eats it and passes through its digestive system, the coffee beans are excreted from the body through the feces. However, the civet cat does not digest all the grains, but only the pulp.

In addition, this little animal is very selective about what it eats: it chooses only to eat the highest quality grain, that is, the reddest and most ripe grain it can find.

Coffee Fruit
In this way, the Kopi Luwak that the civet discarded is collected and washed with careful dedication. Then they start to peel and roast them. However, because these beans have undergone an important chemical process in the stomachs of the animals, the roasting they need is much less than what other beans need. In the end, the coffee beans are ground and thus get the most expensive coffee. in this world .