Leather and Wood Sofa Furniture

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Leather and wood sofa furniture has a strong texture, durable and quality, very comfortable to use to relax and relax enjoy the refreshing atmosphere after a long day of work and activity. The design can be chosen from the classic style to modern touches of the present elegantly and uniquely displayed. The combination of material between leather and wood is able to produce a sturdy shape but still flexible following the times. The stitches are done carefully, strongly, prioritizing aesthetic factors, producing beautiful final results while remaining strong even in the maximum load.

You will be lulled by the comfort of resting on the most characterized leather and wood sofas, typical of Indonesian Furniture production, especially the original products of Jepara City, the most popular furniture producer in Indonesia. Frames made of selected teak wood are taken legally from tropical forests managed by Perhutani, the official government service that has a special duty to handle tropical wood forests. It has been hereditary to produce Indonesian furniture products with the richest variety of models and carvings typical of Jepara production to produce quality products at the same time beautiful to the eye.

Leather and wood sofa furniture has many varieties and advantages that can make it a superior product among the various other choices available. In Indonesia Furniture provides the most complete variants of types and high quality products made from the most popular choices, sought by many importers from abroad. Made from genuine leather, the best teak wood material can also be custom made according to the request of the buyer. Sales can be done wholesale to ensure the most competitive and more affordable prices, because in general the prices of genuine Jepara Leather and wood sofa furniture are able to attract buyers from various foreign countries.

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