List of Indonesian Sim Cards and Number Codes

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For expatriates in Indonesia, of course, they need a tool for communication, including the Sim Card that is chosen to be used. For this reason, it is necessary to know what SIM cards operate in Indonesia, including the codes so that they become familiar and can determine which one is the best to use.

In addition, telecommunication provider companies also have certain promotional programs that can be utilized for their users. So by knowing the number code and what SIM Card to use, then we as users can take advantage of the bonuses offered optimally.

The code for telephone numbers and SIM cards circulating in Indonesia can be distinguished from the 4 (four) front numbers of each cellular number. It is also known as a prefix code which is the identity of the cellphone, from each provider.

The following is a list of cellular number codes circulating in Indonesia along with the name of the SIM card provider that can be a guide for expatriates or those who need it:


1. Telkomsel

This is a SIM Card provider that includes the most demand, has several SIM Card products, namely Simpati, Kartu As, Kartu Halo, Loop and by.U. While the code number is as follows:

  • 0811 : Kartu Halo
  • 0812 : Simpati and Kartu Halo
  • 0813 : Simpati
  • 0852 : Kartu As
  • 0853 : Kartu s
  • 0821 : Simpati
  • 0822 : Loop
  • 0851 : Kartu As or by.U

To be able to check the number from this Telkomsel Sim Card provider, you can dial up *808# for free at no cost.

2. Indosat Ooredoo

This is a Sim Card provider that, on average, has affordable prices and has many segments targeting young people. The following are the telephone numbers:

  • 0857
  • 0856
  • 0816
  • 0815

You can check the detail number by dialing *123*30# or *123*7*2#

3. XL

XL Sim Card Provider uses the following phone number code:

  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0819
  • 0859
  • 0877
  • 0878

Checking the XL number sim card, you can contact the dial number *123*7*1*2*1*1#

4. Tri

Prime Cards and SIM Cards with the following prefix codes are from a provider called Tri

  • 0895
  • 0896
  • 0897
  • 0898
  • 0899

Tri number users can check further by dial *123# and then follow the steps described below.

5. Axis

Now Axis Sim Card has collaborated with XL to become XL Axiata, however, the code for each number is still different from one another. Axis numbers have a prefix:

  • 0838
  • 0832
  • 0833

to check this Axis sim card, you can dial with the code *2# or *123*7#

6. Smartphone

The last SIM Card provider is Smartfren, with the code for the prefix number as follows:

  • 0881
  • 0882
  • 0883
  • 0884
  • 0885
  • 0886
  • 0887
  • 0888
  • 0889

while to check the number from Smartfren, dial *995#

This is information about SIM Card provider data in Indonesia, where this data can change at any time. At least with this information, expatriates have no trouble finding out what SIM card providers are in Indonesia for consideration when buying a SIM card which is the most suitable for them.