List of Recommendations for Interesting and Useful Art Museums in Jakarta

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The Art Museum is a fun place to travel, heal and refresh your mind. Jakarta has a variety of art museums, with high-value collections and priceless history. By coming to the art museum, there are many benefits that can be gained, and it provides a fantastic experience of getting to know various historical things that have existed. To get to know more interesting and popular art museums in Jakarta, below is a list of art museums in Jakarta.


1. Museum Nasional Indonesia

Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Gambir, Gambir District, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10110
Telephone Number: (021) 3868172
Opening Hours: Temporarily closed

The National Museum of Indonesia, often referred to as the elephant museum, displays various historical collections in the fields of archaeology, ethnography and geography. The location is strategic in the city center, the building is clean and comfortable, the explanation of each collection there is also very complete and easy to understand. There are many benefits that can be gained by visiting this museum, including educational benefits and getting to know more comprehensively. The collection is neatly arranged, modern and contemporary, so it is always interesting to look at the collection.

2. Museum Sejarah Jakarta

Address: Taman Fatahillah No.1, Pinangsia, Kec. Taman Sari, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11110
Telephone Number: (021) 6929101
Opening Hours: 09.00-15.00 (closed Monday) (noveti)

The Jakarta History Museum, better known as the Fatahillah Museum, is located in the old city of Batavia, Jakarta. The location of the museum is an old building from the Dutch colonial era, which was converted into a museum building. Here we can see the historical journey of the city of Jakarta as well as various archaeological collections to stone inscriptions. You can also watch documentary films to find out more clearly about the city of Jakarta and all its history. Many innovations have been made at the Fatahillah Museum, both inside and in the park and various activities to make it more attractive to visitors.

3. Museum Macan (Modern and Contemporary Art in the Archipelago)

Address: AKR Tower Level M, Jl. Length No. 5, Kb. Orange, District. Kb. Jeruk, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11530
Telephone Number: (021) 22121888
Opening Hours: 10.00-18.00 (closed Monday)

Art museum with contemporary modern collections both in Indonesia and internationally. Apart from enjoying the art collection and performances, there is also a coffee shop and art shop here, for those of you who want to relax and buy a collection of art items. The room is spacious, so we can be satisfied to explore everything there. There are lots of events being held here, it would be a shame to miss them, you can check out complete information on the Instagram address. Modern and unique works of art that make us more familiar with artistic creativity in Indonesia.

4. Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Team. No.14, RT.6/RW.1, Gambir, Gambir District, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10110
Telephone Number: (021) 3813021
Opening Hours: 10.00-20.00 (closed Monday)

The National Gallery of Indonesia is a fine arts museum and often displays various exhibition events held here. Many works of art and paintings from famous historical painters are displayed. The strategic location is in the middle of the city, the space is spacious and spacious for visitors to explore. The exhibition themes displayed are also varied, so you won’t get bored even if you come to this place many times. Visiting the Indonesian National Gallery always provides an interesting experience.

5. Museum Kebangkitan Nasional Jakarta

Address: Jl. Abdul Rachman Saleh No.26, Senen, Kec. Senen, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10410
Telephone Number: (021) 3847975
Opening Hours: varies

The Jakarta National Awakening Museum is a monument to the birth of national consciousness through the movement of the Boedi Oetomo organization. The facilities at this place are very complete, there is also an audio visual room where you can listen to a complete explanation about this museum. The location is quite strategic, a bit inside but still easy to reach, located in West Jakarta, there are many interesting spots for those who like and enjoy taking photos or selfies. The building is an ancient building, but it is still well maintained so it is comfortable to be here.

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