List of the Highest and Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Indonesia

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Indonesia is an attractive tourist destination for local people and international tourists. One of the tourist attractions that is often found is waterfalls, and many of them are well known and have become popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. There are many interesting factors that can attract tourists to visit the waterfall, including the beauty of the waterfall and its unique shape, combined with the enchanting natural beauty, as well as the refreshing atmosphere when at the location.

Especially for nature lovers and those who like natural tourism, waterfalls are a favorite place that is a shame to miss. Visiting natural waterfall tourism in Indonesia is one of the right choices to fill your holiday time with fun activities. For those who want to try visiting a waterfall tour, below we present the most beautiful waterfall in Indonesia and the highest, which are a shame to miss.


1. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Lumajang

This waterfall has an exotic view and many people call it the Niagara Falls of Indonesia, because the shape and arrangement of the formations are similar to waterfalls in America, but still have their own characteristics. As the name suggests, this waterfall is a combination of stacked waterfalls, which ultimately creates an amazing sight.

The height of the Tumpak Sewu waterfall is 120 meters and the spring comes from Mount Semeru. You can enjoy the view at the waterfall in several ways, including the view from above, so that the view looks like a magnificent curtain wall. Apart from that, there is a view from the bottom, even though it is a bit difficult to get there, it is worth it with a majestic enchanting view, and sometimes a rainbow view.

2. Madakaripura Waterfall, Probolinggo

The highest waterfall on the island of Java with a height of 200 meters, its beauty is unmatched, and has been a famous tourist attraction for a long time. Its towering height and circular cliff formations are characteristic of the beauty that can be found here. Water also comes out of narrow gaps in the cliffs, giving the impression that it is raining with water dripping from all directions.

There are many shady trees on site, creating a refreshing green view, which is another beauty that can be found here. The location around the Madakaripura waterfall is cool and looks beautiful.

3. Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Bali

Bali, as the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, not only has beautiful beaches, but also enchanting waterfalls. The viral and instagrammable stepped waterfall looks very unique and charming. A waterfall with a layered rock formation, with a height of approximately 15 meters, with a stream that flows between the existing cavities. A beautiful view that is worth immortalizing, and soon became a popular family tourist destination in Bali.

4. Ponot Waterfall, North Sumatra

This is the highest waterfall in Indonesia, with a height of 250 meters. From a distance you can hear the sound of water coming from this waterfall. The water flow in this waterfall comes from Lake Toba which flows through the Asahan River. To reach this place, you have to go through a fairly challenging trekking journey.