Marble Sink Design Inspiration that Looks Unique and Beautiful

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The design of the house becomes even more beautiful if the ornaments inside are also chosen carefully, the materials are of high quality and have high aesthetic value, one of which is the selection of a sink. Marble sink can provide an aesthetic atmosphere in a room because marble is a material that can look beautiful and classy as well as unique, making a room more elegant.

Home interior design with marble sink elements has functional value and aesthetic value simultaneously, being able to create harmony and balance in the design of the house. Harmony design that complements the overall interior elements to appear harmonious, beautiful and charming.

To make it even more interesting, on this occasion we will provide further information about the design of a marble sink which can be an exclusive choice for any room at home. The sink, which is made of marble, looks stunning as a complement to the harmony of the design.


1. Cultured Marble for Counter top

This type of marble is the most widely used and most mainstream type. This is because cultivated marble is the easiest to find and regarding the price issue, it can be obtained at a lower price compared to other types of marble. However, when it comes to quality issues, it is not inferior to other types of marble sinks and its appearance can also be compared to more expensive marble.

Cultured Marble has a solid and firm appearance on its surface, with a glossy surface. The patterns that are owned also vary, which can be chosen according to taste, there are simple patterns and there are also more vibrant colors. The use of cultivated marble is suitable for counter tops combined with other natural materials such as wood or other types of natural stone to use its function for sinks.

2. Round Marble Sink

The round marble sink model appears with a unique round shape design that is beautiful and unique. It is suitable for use in a minimalist room, or has a small room area, such as a bathroom or other room. This is because the round shape still leaves space underneath to be used, so it feels spacious and functional. This empty space can be used to place frequently used products such as skincare, tooth brushing equipment, or other things so that it is practical to use, there is no need to look elsewhere directly under the sink.

3. Marble Sink with Unique Stand

The shape of the marble sink with the additional combination of a natural shape seat, which looks unique and luxurious, has succeeded in making people who see it amazed because of the beauty of its design. It took several layers of marble to form a look like this, three layers to be precise, namely the counter top, the sink and the seat. The appearance of the stand is shaped in such a way that it looks like natural marble chunks in the style of mountain cliffs that split naturally and naturally. The sink is placed on the seat, you can choose a round or oval shape according to your taste.

4. Minimalist Onyx Sink

Onyx stone is famous for its elegant and expensive appearance. The use of onyx marble as the main ingredient for making sinks, will make the room or bathroom look more luxurious and elegant with the appearance of rich golden brown accents, mixed with cream and gray speckled motifs, a natural impression is felt, attractive and beautiful to the eye. The minimalist Onyx sink is perfect for beautifying rooms and homes with a modern minimalist style.

5. Marble Granite Sink

One of the luxurious alloys for making sinks is a combination of premium materials from two classy materials, namely from granite and marble. The inspiration for a luxurious and unique design, due to the combination of materials that are usually used for floors, can actually be used as a granite and marble sink, which in general has a rough textured appearance that emphasizes a fairly thick natural impression.

6. Black Marble Sink

Sinks are not only dominant in bright colors, but can also look beautiful in black, such as a black marble sink which makes the interior elements of a room beautiful, with a combination of dark colors such as black combined with gold threads, it can immediately become an idol and belle of design and a point of attention in indoors such as bathrooms. made of wood, but the use of rattan is also very suitable for use, resulting in a different and unique appearance.