Minimalist Fountain Design Inspiration as a Beautiful and Calming Decoration

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Placing a garden with a small and beautiful minimalist fountain can be a home decoration idea that makes the atmosphere calm and refreshing. The sound of gurgling water that can be heard can be a factor that creates a relaxed atmosphere, affects the minds of people who are resting nearby to become calmer and more comfortable and throws away the worries that hit.

Making a fountain as a home decoration does not always have to be luxurious and requires a large room or area, but the fountain and its garden can be made in a minimalist manner, with additional decorations such as natural stone, or adapted to the overall concept of the house, arranged beautifully so that it can make the house becomes more comfortable, quiet and refreshing.

To get to know more about the various designs and ideas for making this minimalist fountain, the following will show examples of models that can be imitated or used as garden fountains in your home.


1. Simple Fountain Garden in front of the House

The garden in front of the house is one of the most suitable places to create a beautiful and tiny minimalist exterior fountain. A garden decorated with a fountain will make the atmosphere in front of the house more lively, with the gurgling of water coming out of a fountain which is quite simple in shape, it already gives an atmosphere of freshness and coolness, especially when you are there during the day.

2. Pond with Fountain decoration

If you have a fish pond or other pond at home, it would be prettier if you added a decorative fountain ornament in the middle, or it could be on the edges, arranged in such a way that it is terraced, creating an effect like the headwaters of a river with flowing water and fountains. resembling a waterfall can be in original natural conditions. The atmosphere can be more natural, with the sound of gurgling water giving peace to the heart.

3. Fountain combined with Ornamental Plants

Fountains can also be made by combining them between or on one side with green plants to decorate the house. With a combination of fountains like waterfalls, and green ornamental plants like the natural nuances of green mountains, we seem to be carried away by the green natural scenery of the mountains which are still beautiful and fresh.

4. Fountain coming out of Urn

This is one of the innovative creations where a fountain is made out of a large jar that is placed sideways. This setting is coupled with a pile of natural stones that form a pool at the bottom right where the fountain emits its water onto the rocks, as if it were a rustic feel that emphasizes simplicity but still looks elegant.

5. Minimalist waterfall in the form of Balongan

If you have minimalist land or even don’t have land to make a fountain, you can still present it in the form of a minimalist waterfall in the form of a balloon. Decorations that can be placed on the table, in the form of miniature arrangements displaying water flowing from top to bottom out of natural balloons such as bamboo, jars or other designs you choose, can present a view of a small fountain.

6. Classic design Fountain

The classic design still has a lot of fans, even though using this type of set can cost more. Design with a classic feel, an artificial pool with a shower in the middle provides a special and unique view as found in classic type houses.

7. Oriental Minimalist Fountain

This design presents a fountain with a shower made of bamboo, like an oriental atmosphere like being in China or Japan. Bamboo Fountains that look charming can be combined with ponds filled with ornamental lotus plants and basins made of bamboo.