Minimalist Furniture Design Inspiration for Minimalist House Concepts

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The minimalist concept is now widely used in modern world activities, from the world of art to lifestyle, as well as its application in home interior design. The use of a simple, clean and tidy concept is the application of a modern style that emphasizes functionality but still looks beautiful and cool. The shape of the material is beautiful but not excessive by relying on the appearance of lighting, creating an atmosphere of freedom and relaxation.

The application of this minimalist concept is also often applied to house design concepts, namely minimalist house designs. To create an atmosphere and implementation of a minimalist home, of course, the most suitable is to choose a minimalist furniture concept to support the atmosphere you want to create.

Minimalist furniture is focused on realizing purity and simplicity according to its function. There is no complexity in the design, there are no detailed ornaments or high patterns, everything looks neat and clean as the key to a minimalist home.

Types of Minimalist Furniture

1. Guest Table as well as Work Desk

The design concept of a coffee table with an appearance like an ordinary coffee table that is reasonable and looks like in general. However, if the time is needed, and there are no guests, you can pull the top off and immediately a desk appears with a complete place to place a laptop, as well as other work tools, leaving the lower part that appears as before. The ideal work table with a sitting position with a size that supports, plus the other side that is pulled can be used for coffee. Minimalist design that is practical and multifunctional, combined with dark fur rugs or wood layers that are comfortable for work.

2. Bed as well as Storage

The bed is designed in such a way that the bottom can be used as a place to store items, so that the bedroom still looks neat and clean from scattered items. By putting items in an easy-to-reach place, the process of cleaning the bedroom becomes a lot of fun.

3. Hidden dining table

The kitchen room sometimes feels full with a kitchen set and kitchen necessities, so it will look even cramped if another dining table or chair is placed. The solution can be to make a hidden dining table minimalist furniture design that can be folded practically. It can be pulled out and used as a dining table when needed, while afterwards it can be folded again and hidden, so that the room still feels spacious.

4. Two Children’s Bedroom

The problem of children’s bedrooms is sometimes a complicated problem too, where if the number of children is large, the sleeping space is limited. This can be found a solution with minimalist furniture with two-level mattresses with different sides. Thus, even though there is still only one bedroom, it can be occupied by two children and each of them has their own privacy, because it faces a different side and is protected.

5. Minimalist Sofa Bed

The appearance of a multifunctional sofa can be a comfortable seat, but it can also be a place to sleep by pulling the bottom to be longer and fit comfortably to lie down or lie down. It can be used for sitting, lying down relaxed while enjoying a snack, or it can even be used as a comfortable bed.

6. Flexible Kitchen Table

Sometimes with a kitchen set with a surface display for cooking activities it is still limited, it can be added with a flexible kitchen table, which can be pulled out when in use and folded after use.

7. Nook for Limited Space

The nook used is suitable for rooms with limited area, accommodating various functions in one piece of furniture, including as a sofa, bed or storage drawer.

8. All in One Kitchen Cabinet

The choice of an all-in-one kitchen cabinet design for all storage needs, leaving only enough open area for washing activities in the sink, as well as a small area for placing kitchen utensils that are often used.

9. Minimalist nightstand

The creation of a unique nightstand design with a simple and modern shape but can store various necessities practically and easily. This nightstand can be placed in various rooms without requiring a lot of space.