Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas for Type 45 Houses

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A beautiful and aesthetic living room is of course the dream and dream of homeowners, regardless of shape and size. Likewise with the type 45 house, of course it also wants an attractive design and makes the occupants in it feel satisfied and comfortable in the living room. Even though the house is minimalist and tiny, it can still display room decorations that make those who see it feel amazed by its appearance.

The living room of a minimalist type 45 house is usually not large in size, with a limited area. However, even though it is small, it can still be arranged aesthetically so that the living room can be transformed into a room that is pleasing to the eye, and looks attractive even though it is small in size.

For those who need ideas to make the minimalist living room of the type 45 house look beautiful, or who are confused about how to organize their living room, here you can see various ideas and design inspirations that look attractive and can be imitated to make a minimalist house look beautiful.


1. The dominant white Shabby Chic style living room design

Minimalist living room type, house type 45 with a shabby chic design, dominantly white in the room. The shabby chic impression can be presented on the wallpaper walls, curtains with transparent lace accents, and the placement of several supportive decorations. To make it appear fresher, it can be combined with modern furniture, as the right combination, such as placing a dark sofa, marble table, making a small room seem wider and look attractive.

2. Simple living room design that looks spacious

The next display is a simple living room design, but arranged in such a way that the room feels wider. In order to appear like that, the use of furniture in the room is set to a minimum, but the existing furniture still has optimal functional value as an element of the living room. Next, also choose a light color for the overall appearance, such as for example the color of the walls or the color of the floor.

3. Elegant living room dominated by green

The design of the living room with this model can be chosen, if you want to look luxurious and classy. Selection of furniture for the living room, choose one that has dark colors and tones and there are shades of green, for example a green sofa with gray accents that give it a certain hue. Then on the other hand choose colors for furniture with contrasting colors, so that it gives the appearance of an attractive and elegant color combination.

4. Modern living room design with orange dominant color

For those who like modern-style designs, you can make it happen by selecting orange combined with other color combinations such as gray, so that it looks contrasting and refreshing. The room can be enhanced by placing ornamental plants that are chosen to make the room look more modern.

5. Design a living room that looks calm

The next design for a minimalist living room type 45 is a calm look that can be realized by choosing calm and cool colors for existing furniture, such as a white sofa, chairs with matching colors, a coffee table or a small shelf can also be a complement.

6. The design of the living room has a warm impression

The next design display is the selection of a living room style model with warm shades. This can be realized by choosing colors with earth elements, such as white, brown or cream to strengthen the feel of the appearance. Decorations and openings for windows can also be chosen in matching colors to support a warm, down-to-earth look.

7. Beautiful and alluring living room design

The appearance of this design has a beautiful and luxurious impression but still elegant and does not look tacky. This look can be realized by choosing a gold color combined with furniture such as sofas with feather motifs to decorate the existing room.