Modern and Aesthetic Bamboo House Design Ideas

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In order to stand out, be attractive and be unusual in making a home design, you need a design concept that is unique but still looks cool and keeps up with the times. One of the home designs that is different from the others is the Bamboo Booth House.

The Bilik House made of Bamboo is indeed very unique and has its own characteristics that are different from most houses. Its attractive appearance is of course the main attraction, especially if it is made in an area with natural green nuances of the mountains, such as a villa on a mountain or near a river headwaters, it will add a cool and peaceful atmosphere to the occupants.


The Advantages of the Bamboo Booth House

In order to get to know the design of bamboo houses better, and to make them even more interested, the following provides information on the advantages possessed by bamboo house designs that are not inferior to other house designs.

1. In Indonesia, bamboo plants are abundant and easy to cultivate. Therefore, bamboo as a building material is easy to find, you don’t have to be hard to find it, or have to wait for goods to be delivered from other areas, because bamboo is available and abundant in many areas in Indonesia.

2. The price of bamboo is very affordable when compared to the prices of other building materials. Thus by using bamboo, the cost of making a house can also be reduced, as well as saving the budget.

3. The characteristics of bamboo that are owned, make it easy to process in making it as a building material for houses. There is no need to use sophisticated and modern equipment, everything can be processed simply and at any time, be it the process of cutting, punching holes, lifting, everything can be done easily and quickly.

4. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly building material. Waste from former construction of houses can be used or recycled for other purposes, besides that the waste is also easily destroyed and does not damage the environment.

5. Bamboo has high tensile strength, which is related to its wear resistance and ability to better support heavy building loads.

Apart from the advantages, of course we also have to know the weaknesses and shortcomings. Some of them are bamboo, like wood, which is a flammable material. In addition, the preservation process so that it can be used as a building material requires a long process. Its various sizes also require accuracy in its selection as a building material, choosing a uniform size so that installation is easier.

Bamboo House Design Ideas

After getting to know the various strengths and weaknesses, the following shows various kinds of bamboo house design ideas that can be the inspiration for making them.

1. Triangular Model Bamboo House. It doesn’t always have to be square in shape, bamboo houses can also be made in a triangular model, with large windows, usually made for the benefit of making villas or bungalows or resorts.

2. Bamboo house with thatched roof. Derived from the idea of an old classic house, made of a combination of straw as the roof and bamboo as the walls, it makes a classic theme feel with a combination of modern interiors in it.

3. Modern Bamboo Stilt House. Modern designed houses using high quality bamboo, including taller poles, are very useful to prevent flooding. This type can also be built on the water surface or uneven ground surface.

4. Bamboo house with glass walls. Made with a natural blend with a modern touch, where glass is chosen so that you can more freely enjoy the natural scenery outside.

5. Japanese style bamboo house. Japan is among those who make a lot of bamboo houses, where the style and architecture can be adopted to produce a strong Japanese-style house style.

6. Modern Minimalist Bamboo House. Put forward a modern concept with a minimalist appearance, styled with firm lines and minimal curves, so that it looks modern and dynamic.