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This is a further explanation of Indonesian Natural Stone. For those who have not read the first part can read it on this link.

Indonesia Natural Stone is famous for its quality because it originates from a mountainous region producing quality stones, where it is known that Indonesia is a volcanic country, many volcanoes stretch from west to east. It is in this area that many are found and rich in quality natural stone in abundant resources as a major supplier of needs for the entire world. Natural stone is very popular as a home decoration material or interior and exterior with natural characteristics, making it a beautiful work of art in the form of stone art. Abundant raw materials, mined with a full calculation, done by experienced craftsmen produce superior quality products of export quality, meet the needs requests that often come in to find an Indonesian Natural Stone Supplier.

Natural raw materials make the products difficult to imitate because the ingredients are different. The manufacturing system has also been centralized, so it is well coordinated, so the results are not haphazard. The next process is the manufacture of handicrafts from Indonesia Natural Stone itself, requiring its own expertise. The experts here have worked for generations, inheriting the expertise possessed by the ancestors, so it is not surprising, quality control is maintained through stringent quality standards during the production process. The beauty of Indonesian natural stone products has its own uniqueness, so that lovers of these products have loyalty and market share, and now also more and more in number.

The product choice is done with care, the taste of art for daily needs can be realized successfully. The key to our success is service to customers, then after sales customer service is always prioritized for customer satisfaction. The experience of exporters to various countries is also highly qualified, handling all processes in a professional manner, with quality standards maintained as well as routine quality control processes, accompanied by detailed reports to ensure all processes go according to plan. The main focus is on product excellence, its quality is able to outperform producers from other countries producing natural stone.

Another advantage is the type of product varies greatly, as well as a variety of models. Almost all needs for natural stone can be met by Indonesia Natural Stone producers. It also includes one of our privileges, can accept custom made according to the wishes and wishes of consumers. This is because we have high flexibility, supported by perfect expertise so that we can realize what is needed, as long as facilities and infrastructure, as well as infrastructure allow. Regarding the price issue, we can directly negotiate with us, which in principle will reach an agreement at a satisfactory price. Our motto is quality service through professional processes, measurable quality control, international standard quality, safe and timely delivery processes, and satisfying prices.

We have our own processing factory, own warehouse, to guarantee that all processes run smoothly. Various types of stones from trusted sources are processed into finished products of amazing quality. Our products have penetrated international markets such as Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia and continue to grow from time to time. Do not forget we always innovate and keep up with the times, so that our product display always has added value, up to date and creative and unique designs.