More About Teak Wood in Indonesia, Its Types and Advantages

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If we talk about the issue of which wood is the best as a raw material for making Indonesia furniture, then teak is the top list to choose from. This is because teak wood has the best quality, so it is the main choice for material for building houses and furniture. That’s why the price is also relatively more expensive compared to other types of wood.

By using teak wood, the appearance of the house and furniture will appear more luxurious and elegant. Whether it’s for the benefit of the interior of the house or the exterior of the house, the use of wood is one of the important materials and is widely used so that the house feels more complete and comfortable. Whether it’s for traditional home designs, to modern home designs, the use of good wood is always preferred, especially using teak wood, the appearance will be more beautiful and elegant both for interior and exterior.

To get to know more about teak wood, in the following we will inform you about the types of teak wood that exist in Indonesia, used for the benefit of building houses as well as furniture that is in the house, or placed outside the house.


Types of Indonesian Teak Wood

Teak wood is broadly divided into 3 types with different functions and characteristics:

1. Teak Gold

Golden teak wood is the most widely cultivated type in Indonesia. This is because this type of golden teak has the advantage of being able to grow faster and can live longer when compared to other types of teak trees. Within just 6-14 years, this type of golden teak tree can be logged and used as raw material for making furniture or parts of houses, or for other commercial purposes.

The most prominent features of this golden teak wood are its darker skin color and larger pores.

The advantages of golden teak wood:

– The age of teak trees is more durable
– Can grow faster
– Stems are straight and more easily shaped as needed
– The twigs are straight and sturdy, so they can be used as additional wood material
– The price of wood is relatively cheaper than other types of teak wood
– It’s easier to find because it can be found everywhere

Disadvantages of golden teak wood:

– At the base there is often a depression, so the cut results are less
– If the tree has been cut down, the condition is prone to moisture, which affects its durability
– Has a fairly high water content

2. Perhutani Teak Wood

Perhutani teak wood, or often called TPK, is teak that has direct supervision and care from the Perhutani Service, the official state agency for timber matters.

This type of wood requires special care because it takes longer to grow, approximately 20 years to grow into a mature tree. The logging process cannot be arbitrary, because it has to go through permits from the Forestry Service and be selected to ensure the quality of the wood is according to predetermined standards.

The advantages of Perhutani teak wood:

– The wood fiber is very dense
– More durable and stronger when compared to other types of teak wood
– The color is 3D, more beautiful because it is more textured and looks more alive
– The diameter of the log is larger
– The tree trunk is straight so it’s easy to cut down
– Better quality, because through a strict selection process
– Has a natural oil content in the roots and stems.

Disadvantages of Perhutani teak wood:

– The price is relatively much more expensive compared to other types of teak wood, because it needs strict supervision, including its cultivation which is strictly regulated.

3. Teak Wood Rakyat

Rakyat teak wood is characterized by bent stems and dense pores. The growth period is longer when compared to golden teak wood, because it can only be felled and utilized after it is 14-26 years old. Rakyat teak has the characteristics of a bent stem and dense pores. The distinctive feature of this folk teak is that it has less sapwood than other types.

The advantages of teak wood Rakyat:

– The price is the cheapest among other types of teak wood
– Easy to obtain and found anywhere

Disadvantages of teak wood people:

– The water content and sapwood of teak are quite high
– The color of the wood tends to be pale, making it less attractive