Natural Stone Bathroom Ideas, Sensational and Comfortable Inside

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A comfortable bathroom is the dream of all residents of the house. We can linger to be in the bathroom, because the atmosphere is comfortable and pleasant. That of course will also have a good impact on our minds and body conditions, can be fresher and refreshed, by relaxing while cleaning ourselves in the bathroom. Yan needs to be considered in making a good bathroom is the material of manufacture. One material that is suitable and unique for the bathroom is natural stone.

Bathroom design with natural stone is one of the right innovations, because it gives a very strong impression of returning to nature. In addition, the atmosphere becomes more luxurious, with a blend of natural design with a modern touch. It is widely used now and is becoming even more popular because it is indeed a blend that gives a satisfying finish.

Natural stone is indeed a good material and has many advantages. In terms of design, there is no need to ask, natural stone gives the impression of luxury, exclusiveness and supports the concept of returning to nature. In addition, the maintenance also does not need to be too bothersome to do, just simple maintenance.

Here is information on some good uses of natural stone for the bathroom, which can make it an even more comfortable place to use:


1. Natural stone for bathroom walls

The use of natural stone as a bathroom wall provides accents and a thick natural feel. We feel like we are in the wild with a refreshing atmosphere. The contrasting atmosphere will be felt with attractive visuals, accompanied by original textures that make it look charming and give a more pronounced relaxed impression.

The bathroom with natural stone makes it luxurious in style, but still displays the rural natural atmosphere that you want to display, providing beautiful visuals and an alternative that is not boring.

2. Natural stone for the floor as a substitute for ceramics

The idea of ​​using natural stone as a bathroom floor is the next brilliant idea. Floors are an area that often gets attention for cleanliness, and natural stone has a water-resistant and stain-resistant character, making it more durable and less demanding on maintenance.

In addition, the beauty of the texture is also another factor that makes many use it. There are so many variations to choose from, because each has its own characteristics, including the choice of Indonesia Natural Stone which has been discussed previously.

3. Natural stone as an additional ornament

The idea of ​​using natural stone as an ornament in the bathroom is also something that can liven up the atmosphere. Many utensils can be touched with natural nuances, making the appearance more unique and attractive, such as natural stone sinks, soap and toothbrush holders, tissue boxes and many other ornaments that appear impressively, making you feel at home for long in them.

The use of bathroom accessories made of natural stone has a very wide choice and is according to taste and desire. Giving these accents, at various points and angles, will make the bathroom look more exclusive, luxurious and fun.

4. Natural stone as a sensational bathtub

The appearance of the whole river stone that is made and polished into a bathtub is the best part of the bathroom. This is a rare thing, because indeed to get it requires effort that is not easy, and the result is a luxurious display that you rarely see anywhere. Exclusive large stone slab that has been polished so that it can also be maximized functionally, is a fantastic display and a masterpiece.